Sightseeing Log 63: East Watchtower

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East Watchtower

ARR sightseeing log 63.png
Log Entry
A Realm Reborn: #63
Northern Thanalan (X:22.2, Y:25.7)
Salute.png  Salute
Fair Skies.png Fair Skies or
Clear Skies.png Clear Skies
Eorzea Time
5AM - 8AM
Speak to Millith Ironheart in Old Gridania (X:10.7, Y:6.0) after completing ARR entries 1-20.

"On the watch, slumber's siren call is your greatest foe. When I feel myself drifting off at my post, I envision my commander standing before me, and put the fear of the gods in myself." Such were the sentry's words, and I would see what he saw.

— Sightseeing Log Impressions

To power their legions of war machina, the Garleans require a steady supply of the aether-based fuel known as ceruleum. Bluefog housing the largest deposit in Eorzea, the Empire has begun their own mining operation but a stone's throw from the allied refineries, heightening tensions in the area and prompting the construction of two watchtowers.

— Sightseeing Log Vista Record

East Watchtower is part of the Sightseeing Log for A Realm Reborn.


/salute on top of the tower, on the flagpole

View from the correct location and weather