Sightseeing Log 18: The Lonely Giant

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The Lonely Giant

ARR sightseeing log 18.png
Log Entry
A Realm Reborn: #18
Eastern Thanalan (X:19.5, Y:24.7)
Comfort.png  Comfort
Rain.png Rain or
Showers.png Showers
Eorzea Time
5PM - 6PM
Feature QuestA Sight to Behold

"Merciful are the rains that fall, for they give succor to the thirsting land, and comfort the old wounds of one who journeyed too far from home." Such were the botanist's words, and I would see as she saw.

— Sightseeing Log Impressions

Local legend claims the Lonely Giant is everything from the ghost of a Sil'dihn sultan, to the prototype for a new model of Garlean machina. Ul'dahn scholars, however, simply believe him a Coerthan goobbue who lost his bearings during the chaos of the Calamity, and after a long journey through the Black Shroud, died of exhaustion upon reaching Thanalan.

— Sightseeing Log Vista Record

The Lonely Giant is part of the Sightseeing Log for A Realm Reborn.


It is located under the base of the tree clump across from the Goobbue. Vista is in the middle of the tree clump.

View from the correct location and weather