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Scrips is a token system for crafting and gathering introduced in Heavensward. There are two different kind of scrips, yellow and red. You can earn Scrips by gathering or crafting Collectables after level 56.

Collectables can be turned in at any Collectable Appraiser, which are available at:

  • Limsa Lominsa (Aetheryte: Hawkers' Alley)
  • New Gridania (Aetheryte: Leatherworkers' Guild)
  • Ul'dah (Aetheryte: Sapphire Avenue Exchange)
  • Idyllshire (x5.7, y7.0)
  • Rhalgrs' Reach (x9.8, y12.5)

The Scrip Exchange, who sits next to the Collectable Appraiser, will accept your scrips and offer gatherer and crafter gear, Favors, Soul of the Crafter, Master Crafting III-V, gatherer and crafter Materia, and other tokens and crafting materials. Note that the Idyllshire Scrip Exchange does not offer any 60+ items.

Yellow Scrips

You can carry a maximum of 2000 yellow scrips.

Yellow Crafters' Scrips

Yellow Gatherers' Scrips

Red Scrips

You can carry a maximum of 2000 red scrips.

Red Crafters' Scrips - introduced in patch 3.05.

Red Gatherers' Scrips - introduced in patch 3.05. They are used to purchase Favors

Blue Scrips

Blue Scrips were removed in patch 4.01.