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A Dream Fulfilled

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Ardashir is lost in thought.

※Changing classes or jobs will prevent progress during this quest.

— In-game description


Depending on job:


Main article: Reconditioned Anima Weapons/Quest

The Endwalker patch 6.0 nonlinear stat squish indirectly nerfed the amount of Umbrite icon1.png  Umbrite and Crystal sand icon1.png  Crystal Sand needed from the former amount of 80.


  • With (your Anima weapon/shield) equipped or in your inventory, speak with Ulan in Idyllshire.
  • With (your Anima weapon/shield) equipped, speak with Ulan to strengthen the anima.
  • With (your Anima weapon/shield) in your inventory, speak with Ardashir in Azys Lla.


  • Ardashir is lost in thought.
    • ※Changing classes or jobs will prevent progress during this quest.
  • The bond between you and the anima is stronger than ever. Though its development hereafter is but a matter of course, Ardashir believes he can hasten the process. He proposes a short voyage to Idyllshire to meet with an acquaintance, one Ulan. A fellow researcher and enthusiast of Carbuncles, she has devoted her life to the study of arcane entities and methods by which they can be enhanced. He is all but certain her work is the key to unlocking the anima's potential. And with that, you are off to Idyllshire.
    • ※You may not proceed with a class or job that is different from when you accepted this quest.
    • ※Please note this quest cannot be abandoned via the journal. If you wish to abandon the quest, you may do so at any time by speaking with Ardashir.
  • The focus of Ulan's research, as she tells it, is the use of crystal sand to promote growth in arcane constructs. Normally one must strike a proper balance of elements for the procedure to work, a process which may take weeks or even months. Thankfully, she realizes you are not one to waste time. To that end she suggests the use of umbrite, an umbral-aspected stone that can strip the elements from crystal sand, eliminating the need to finely attune its elemental properties. With that knowledge she bids you gather the crystal sand and umbrite necessary to foster the anima's development to your liking.
  • Ulan's plan is a success. With the crystal sand lacking any elemental aspects, the anima readily consumes it, reaching new heights of strength. Both you and Ulan are impressed by the results, even more so when the anima insists on consuming greater quantities of the treated crystal sand. Though it is not without risk, Ardashir consents to the request, stating the anima is free to make its own choices. He suspects this will also require a new weapon better suited to the anima's burgeoning strength. As a preemptive measure, he returns to Azys Lla to make preparations with Gerolt. His suspicions are soon confirmed when, after several applications of crystal sand, the anima appears before you whimpering and in pain. Ulan bids you meet with Ardashir and see what can be done to help.
  • You arrive at Azys Lla to find Ardashir and Gerolt ready with a freshly forged weapon to house the anima's soulstone. After verifying the stone is still in one piece, they carefully transplant it into a new vessel. You raise the weapon high, admiring its beauty, when suddenly the anima appears before you. And at last, after years of research and countless failures, Ardashir is able to behold the anima in all its splendor. His dream finally realized, the fledgling researcher must now set his sights higher in his pursuits of cultivating artificial life.
    • ※ The attributes of the anima weapon can be reallocated by speaking with Ulan in Idyllshire.