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The level 20 Main Scenario Quest Main Scenario QuestSylph-management is required before any of these job quests will appear. Expansion Jobs have additional requirements.

Note: in this table, the Requirement column refers to the Job requirement to equip the stone, like any other piece of equipment.
Item Icon Level Item Level Requirement Slot Quest
Soul of the Paladin Soul of the paladin icon1.png 30 30 GLA, PLD Soul Crystal Feature QuestPaladin's Pledge
Soul of the Warrior Soul of the warrior icon1.png 30 30 MRD, WAR Soul Crystal Feature QuestPride and Duty (Will Take You from the Mountain)
Soul of the Dark Knight Soul of the dark knight icon1.png 30 30 DRK Soul Crystal Feature QuestOur End
Soul of the Gunbreaker Soul of the gunbreaker icon1.png 30 30 GNB Soul Crystal Feature QuestThe Makings of a Gunbreaker
Soul of the Dragoon Soul of the dragoon icon1.png 30 30 LNC, DRG Soul Crystal Feature QuestEye of the Dragon
Soul of the Reaper Soul of the reaper icon1.png 30 30 RPR Soul Crystal Feature QuestThe Killer Instinct
Soul of the Monk Soul of the monk icon1.png 30 30 PGL, MNK Soul Crystal Feature QuestBrother from Another Mother
Soul of the Samurai Soul of the samurai icon1.png 30 30 SAM Soul Crystal Feature QuestThe Way of the Samurai
Soul of the Ninja Soul of the ninja icon1.png 30 30 ROG, NIN Soul Crystal Feature QuestPeasants by Day, Ninjas by Night
Soul of the Bard Soul of the bard icon1.png 30 30 ARC, BRD Soul Crystal Feature QuestA Song of Bards and Bowmen
Soul of the Machinist Soul of the machinist icon1.png 30 30 MCH Soul Crystal Feature QuestSavior of Skysteel
Soul of the Dancer Soul of the dancer icon1.png 30 30 DNC Soul Crystal Feature QuestShall We Dance
Soul of the Black Mage Soul of the black mage icon1.png 30 30 THM, BLM Soul Crystal Feature QuestTaking the Black
Soul of the Summoner Soul of the summoner icon1.png 30 30 ACN, SMN Soul Crystal Feature QuestAusterities of Flame
Soul of the Red Mage Soul of the red mage icon1.png 30 30 RDM Soul Crystal Feature QuestTaking the Red
Soul of the White Mage Soul of the white mage icon1.png 30 30 CNJ, WHM Soul Crystal Feature QuestSeer Folly
Soul of the Scholar Soul of the scholar icon1.png 30 30 ACN, SCH Soul Crystal Feature QuestForgotten but Not Gone
Soul of the Astrologian Soul of the astrologian icon1.png 30 30 AST Soul Crystal Feature QuestStairway to the Heavens
Soul of the Sage Soul of the sage icon1.png 30 30 SGE Soul Crystal Feature QuestSage's Path
Soul of the Blue Mage Soul of the blue mage icon1.png 1 1 BLU Soul Crystal Feature QuestOut of the Blue


All crafter soul crystals require completion of Feature QuestBeloved of the Builder and cost one Soul of the crafter icon1.png  Soul of the Crafter. You may only possess 3 crafter soul crystals at a time; if you attempt to acquire a fourth you must first forfeit one already in your possession, and may do so only three times per week.

Item Icon Level Item Level Requirement Slot
Soul of the Carpenter Soul of the carpenter icon1.png 55 136 CRP Soul Crystal
Soul of the Blacksmith Soul of the blacksmith icon1.png 55 136 BSM Soul Crystal
Soul of the Armorer Soul of the armorer icon1.png 55 136 ARM Soul Crystal
Soul of the Goldsmith Soul of the goldsmith icon1.png 55 136 GSM Soul Crystal
Soul of the Leatherworker Soul of the leatherworker icon1.png 55 136 LTW Soul Crystal
Soul of the Weaver Soul of the weaver icon1.png 55 136 WVR Soul Crystal
Soul of the Alchemist Soul of the alchemist icon1.png 55 136 ALC Soul Crystal
Soul of the Culinarian Soul of the culinarian icon1.png 55 136 CUL Soul Crystal