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Enmity, also known as threat or hate, is a mechanic that causes the enemy monsters to target and attack a player. When multiple players are attacking an enemy, enemy A.I. will target the player with the highest enmity. Players increase their enmity by attacking, healing or performing specific enmity increasing actions. Players can also reduce their enmity by executing specific Enmity reducing actions such as Shroud of Saints.

Players can keep track of their enmity with the Threat Meter U.I. underneath the names of you and your party members. A full bar indicates the player with the highest enmity while an empty bar shows the lowest. Another Enmity U.I. is the meter underneath all the names and hotkey of all the enemies currently engaged in combat.

Enmity Potency for Tanks

Enmity Potency Values for Paladins(Updated)

Legend: EM= Enmity Multiplier
Action Enmity Potency with Shield Oath (2x EM) Math
Fast Blade 300 Math: 150*2=300
Savage Blade (non combo) 600 (3x EM) Math: (100*3)2=300
Rage of Halone (non combo) 1000 (5x EM) Math: (100*5)2=1000
Savage Blade (combo) 1800 Math: (300+200*3)2=1800
Rage of Halone (combo) 4400 Math: (300+200*3+260*5)2=4400
Average combo potency
Flash - can't crit 1000 Math: 500*2
Shield Lob 720 (3x EM) Math: (120*3)2=720
Circle of Scorn (initial hit) 600 (3x EM) Math: (100*3)2=600
Circle of Scorn (total potency over 15 secs)(30 damage every 3 seconds)
DoT isn't affected by 3x multiplier
300 Math: 15/3= 5: (5*30)2=300
Average Circle of Scorn potency per second its active 30 (30 damage every 3 seconds)
Average Circle of Scorn potency over a global cooldown while its active 116.16
Auto attack 160
Non GCDs(enmity divided between engaged targets) 140
Spirits Within (at full health) 600 Math: 300*2=600
Fight or Flight buff potency*1.3
(does not work on flash)
Rage of Halone rotation potency total 4400
Rage of halone rotaion potency
+average Circle of Scorn potency
+average Spirits Within potency
5900 Math: 4400+900+600=5900

Enmity Potency Values for Warriors(Not Updated!!!)

Action Enmity Potency with Defiance
Heavy Swing 225
Skull Sunder (combo) 1050
Butcher's Block (combo) 2310
Average combo potency 1195
Heavy Swing (Unchained) 300
Skull Sunder (Combo + Unchained) 1400
Butcher's Block (Combo + Unchained) 3080
Average combo potency (unchained) 1593.333
Flash - can't crit 900
Flash (Unchained) - can't crit 1200
Steel Cyclone 1200
Overpower 900
Overpower (unchained) 1200
Tomahawk 585
Tomahawk (unchained) 780
Butcher's Block (non combo) 825
Butcher's Block (non combo unchained) 1100
Auto attack 150
Non GCDs (enmity divided between engaged targets) 140
Second Wind Cure amount*0.6*2
(divided equally among engaged targets)
Bloodbath does not add enmity other that the 70*2
Maim buff potency*1.2(works on flash)
Berserk buff potency*1.44(approx)- works on flash
Unchained buff removes the 0.75 multiplier penalty(works on flash)
doesn't work on Steel Cyclone and Inner Beast
critical hit potency*1.5(flash cant crit)
provoke highest enmity + 1
Butcher's Block rotation potency total 3585
Butcher's Block rotation potency total (Unchained) 4780
Butcher's Block rotation potency
+ average Brutal Swing potency

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