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Dexterity is the primary damage dealing stat for Archer, Rogue, Bard, Ninja, and Machinist. Higher dexterity means higher attack power for archer, rogue, bard, ninja, and machinist. Dexterity also increases the rate of your block and parry. The higher your dexterity is, the more likely you are to block or parry an enemy attack. Dexterity could be a valuable defensive stat for tanking classes and jobs such as marauder, gladiator, warrior and paladin.

Attributes StrengthDexterityVitalityIntelligenceMindPiety
Elemental Resistances FireIceWindEarthLightningWater
Status Resistances SlowSilenceBlindPoisonStunSleepBindHeavy
Offensive Properties AccuracyCritical Hit RateDetermination
Defensive Properties DefenseParryMagic Defense
Physical Properties Attack PowerSkill Speed
Physical Resistances SlashingPiercingBlunt
Mental Properties Attack Magic PotencyHealing Magic PotencySpell Speed
Crafting CraftsmanshipControl
Gathering GatheringPerception
PvP Morale