Specialist System

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Specialist System is an advancement system for Crafting classes introduced in Heavensward (3.0). By completing a special quest, players can receive a specialized soul for each of the Disciples of the Hand. Equipping this soul will give access to unique actions that allow for more efficient and higher-quality synthesis for that class.

Soul of the Crafter

Players can only ever hold up to three specialist souls. You will need to relinquish one of your three souls if you wish to specialize in a different discipline. For instance, you can collect multiple Soul of the Crafter, however only three of your crafters at any one time may be a specialist.

  • Players will receive three souls of the crafter upon completion of Beloved of the Builder, which are required to receive a specialized soul. Players can collect further souls which can be exchanged for 480 red scrips. If you wish to change any of your specialisms, you must have in your possession a soul of the crafter, speak to Alderan (the NPC who issues the souls) and exchange your current soul gem for a new one.


Once you have attained level 55 in any crafter class, you may accept a quest Beloved of the Builder from Lydirlona in Revenant's Toll (x22, y6). Upon completion, you will receive three Soul of the Crafter. To exchange them for a specialized soul, speak to Alderan (who originally issued the souls) in The Pillars (x14.6,y10.7), and trade one of them for the unique, equippable souls.

Unique Actions

Level 55: Whistle While You Work, Satisfaction

Level 56: Innovative Touch

Level 57: Nymeia's Wheel

Level 58: Byregot's Miracle

Level 59: Trained Hand

Level 60: Heart of the [Crafter] (Each class has its own version of this action, but they are functionally identical)

Level 69: Specialty: Reinforce, Specialty: Refurbish, and Specialty: Reflect