Specialist System

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Specialist System is an advancement system for Crafting classes introduced in Heavensward (3.0). By completing a special quest, players can receive a specialized soul for any three of the Disciples of the Hand. Equipping this soul will give access to unique actions and a minor bonus to your crafting attributes.

Soul of the Crafter

Players can only ever hold up to three specialist souls. You will need to relinquish one of your three souls if you wish to specialize in a different discipline. For instance, you can collect multiple Soul of the crafter icon1.png  Soul of the Crafter, however only three of your crafters at any one time may be a specialist.

  • Players will receive their first three souls of the crafter for free upon completion of Feature QuestBeloved of the Builder, which are required to receive a specialized soul. Players can acquire further souls from any Scrip Exchange with Crafters' Scrips. If you wish to change any of your specializations, you must have in your possession a soul of the crafter, speak to Alderan (the NPC who issues the souls) and exchange your current soul gem for a new one.
  • Once the generic soul is converted into a specific class' soul it acts like a job stone and confers +20 Craftsmanship, +20 Control, and +15 CP while equipped.
    • This is equivalent to 1 extra tier VIII materia of the given stat. In other words, a minor bonus overall.
  • There are a limited number of recipes that require the class to be a specialist in order to craft them. These are exclusively in Master Recipe books and will be greyed out if the player is not currently a specialist.


Once you have attained level 55 in any crafter class, you may accept Feature QuestBeloved of the Builder from Lydirlona in Revenant's Toll (X:22.3 Y:6.8). Upon completion, you will receive three Soul of the crafter icon1.png  Soul of the Crafter. To exchange them for a specialized soul, speak to Alderan (who originally issued the souls) in The Pillars (X:14.6 Y:10.7), and trade one of them for the unique, equippable souls.

Unique Actions

Note: Using any of these actions requires and will consume 1 Crafters delineation icon1.png  Crafter's Delineation from your inventory.

Action Quest requirement Level CP Description
Careful observation specialist.png  Careful Observation 1Quest: Beloved of the Builder 55 0 Do nothing for one step, preserving the status of any actions presently in effect.
Heart and soul icon1.png  Heart and Soul 1Quest: Beloved of the Builder 86 0 Allows the execution of Precise Touch, Intensive Synthesis, or Tricks of the Trade regardless of material condition.

Effect ends if the aforementioned actions are executed when material condition is not "Good" or "Excellent".