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Arcanist holding a Carbuncle

Carbuncle is a bunny/fox-esque companion summoned by Arcanist and Summoner. Arcanist and Summoner can spawn their pets with the actions Summon Carbuncle.png  Summon Carbuncle, Summon Ruby.png  Summon Ruby, Summon Topaz.png  Summon Topaz, and Summon Emerald.png  Summon Emerald. Each type has a different spell style and associated element.

Alphinaud has a special Moonstone Carbuncle, that heals with the same spells as Eos

Additional Information

Carbuncle is also a server in the Japanese Elemental Data Center.

Carbuncle is a term for a red gemstone, such as Garnet. In this case, it refers to the gem in the head of the creature.


Using geometric symbols to lend shape to living aether, certain mages can unlock the latent power within certain gemstones-a power which can be directed to the "summoning" of aetherial beings known as Carbuncles. The inherent traits displayed by these familiars differ depending on the stone used in their creation- emerald and topaz being the most common, with ruby and diamond also proving popular.

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