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Creates a row containing quest information. For use with {{quest list header}}. Format using {{quest list result format}}.

{{quest list row|<Quest>}}
{{quest list row|<Quest>}}


Unnamed parameter 1
Query term.


{{quest list header
| unlocks = y
| item-rewards = y
{{quest list row|Lonely Vigil}}
{{quest list row|Close to Home (Gridania)}}
{{quest list row|Eggs over Queasy}}
{{quest list row|Method in His Malice}}
{{quest list row|Gale-force Warning}}
{{table footer}}
Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
Lonely Vigil Sidequest 51 Spiteful Knight
Close to Home Main Scenario quest 1 Mother Miounne Return.png  Return
Eggs over Queasy Main Scenario quest 7 Galfrid 13 Wind shard icon1.png  Wind Shard
1 Hi-potion icon1.png  Hi-Potion
Method in His Malice Repeatable Feature quest 50 Adkin 1 Zodiac scroll icon1.png  Zodiac Scroll
Gale-force Warning Feature quest 50 Vorsaile Heuloix
The Howling Eye (Extreme)
The Howling Eye (Extreme)
Company Seal
Company Seal
{{quest list header
| required-items = y
| item-rewards = y
| split-optional-rewards = y
{{quest list row|Way of the Botanist}}
{{quest list row|My First Hatchet}}
{{quest list row|Sap for Smiles}}
{{quest list row|Weapons of a Feather}}
{{quest list row|Haste Makes Waste}}
{{table footer}}
Quest Type Level Quest Giver Required Items Rewards Optional Rewards
Way of the Botanist Feature quest 1 Leonceault 1 Weathered hatchet icon1.png  Weathered Hatchet
My First Hatchet Class quest 1 Fufucha 10 Latex icon1.png  Latex
1 Hempen dalmatica of gathering icon1.png  Hempen Dalmatica of Gathering
Sap for Smiles Class quest 5 Fufucha 10 Maple sap icon1.png  Maple Sap
1 Bronze hatchet icon1.png  Bronze Hatchet
1 Leather culottes icon1.png  Leather Culottes
1 Hempen work gloves icon1.png  Hempen Work Gloves
2 Allagan tin piece icon1.png  Allagan Tin Piece
Weapons of a Feather Class quest 10 Fufucha 10 Crow feather icon1.png  Crow Feather
1 Bronze scythe icon1.png  Bronze Scythe
1 Straw hat icon1.png  Straw Hat
1 Hard leather shoes icon1.png  Hard Leather Shoes
1 Allagan bronze piece icon1.png  Allagan Bronze Piece