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posted 11 days ago

Ah got it. Will adjust. Thanks!

posted 12 days ago

Is there a particular reason why you insist on reverting changes to make a page you contribute to easier to read/understand? Actually I answered my own question be reading the other posts on your board... You should be ashamed of yourself. This isn't how we cultivate a good editing culture or make data accessible. I'm escalating your behavior to administration.

posted 14 days ago

Can you please stop editing the Sea Wasp to be in the Sapsa Spawning Grounds? They are in Halfstone.

posted 23 days ago

Do you just go around editing people's changes? I added a missing mount for the extreme trial mounts and you went and changed it. Judging by your history, you seem to think you own the wiki and everyone else's changes are inferior. Odd.

posted 41 days ago

Again, please cease edit warring, especially when it objectively negatively impacts site navigation, viewer experience, and SEO. This sort of thing is highly detrimental both to the wiki, and those who might wish to edit or contribute to it:

posted 42 days ago

Hi, please do not continue to edit war - placing unnecessary, repetitive links on pages is very much a SEO hit. As we've seen both here and on many other wikis I've seen

posted 64 days ago

hi everybody =) can you change <img src="/mediawiki/images/f/f7/Patreon_logo.jpg" alt="“Patreon" logo" style="width:160px;"> to <img src="/mediawiki/images/f/f7/Patreon_logo.jpg" alt="“Patreon" logo" style="width:120px;">.. so it wont hide texts for guides?

posted 66 days ago

This is not a problem that affects every specific normal/EX trials, hence the edits to specific pages. Trials that are close to the maximum item levels of a specific level sync will give you a similar experience regardless of min ilvl or not. I fail to see how this is a problem.

posted 99 days ago


will do, cheers!


posted 150 days ago

How does one tell if a Service is "invalid"? When I input Local Guide into those pages you reverted, the preview shows it as a valid link.