Green Death

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During the War of the Magi, the mages of Mhach employed the use of a Voidsent named Bitoso to infect the people of Nym with a deadly and highly infectious disease as a means to stop their attempts at resistance.

The Green Death was a horribly disfiguring disease. Those who contracted the Green Death suffered their noses and ears dissolving from their faces and heads, their limbs shriveling and shrinking, and their flesh becoming a sickly green pallor. To manage this disease, the infected were locked away in the Wanderer's Palace with the hopes of protecting the yet uninfected. In the end, the disease grew so rampant that the Palace was sealed off underwater. By the time the Nymians realized the cause of the sickness, it was far too late to save those who were infected or killed in an attempt to stop the disease.

More than two millennia later, when the Wanderer's Palace was unsealed, the fate of those who had been locked away became known: They had become creatures akin to the Tonberry of legend.