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Padjals (adj. Padjali) are a secretive type of Hyur Midlander who grow horns and appear to stop aging. Visually, boys tend to have darker horns than girls, and most appear between the ages of 12-15. However, their true age can be far older, as comments by Conjurer Guildmaster E-Sumi-Yan imply. The children who become Padjal are supposedly chosen by the elementals of the Black Shroud and develop especially keen attunement to their will. Given that, the the Hearers of Gridania are often Padjals, and the Conjurers' Guild seeks out any new children who awaken to their abilities in order to train them to control the newfound power.

Gridanian leadership features Padjals in most prominent positions of power, with Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna being the de-facto leader of the city-state and chief commander of The Order of the Twin Adder. The Seedseer Council is also composed predominantly of Padjals.

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