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An Impossible Dream

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An Impossible Dream

Quest giver
The Azim Steppe (X:32.9, Y:27.7)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario

Experience 207,900
Gil 683
Previous quest
A Season for War
Next quest
Stars in the Dark

Cirina knows where you might find Lord Hien.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Speak with Hien X33.3, Y29.0, Z0.2 (on cliff above town, go outside of the town and take a left, follow it and go up to the cliff).


  • Cirina knows where you might find Lord Hien.
  • Your search for the missing heir of Doma on the Azim Steppe has lead you to Cirina, a young woman of the Mol tribe. Long ago, guided by a vision received by her grandmother, she ventured into the southern mountains and there found Hien, near death. Cirina brought the Doman lord to her village, where they nursed him back to health, and there he has remained ever since, until such time as he can repay his debt to them. He often accompanies her to Reunion, though he has a habit of frequenting a spot atop the cliff to the east of the marketplace...
  • At long last you come face–to–face with the young heir to Doma's throne, who greets you as a friend. Yet even after you tell him of Doma's rekindled spirits, he states that he cannot go home─not until he has won the ceremonial battle known as the Naadam and thereby earned the right to bid the Xaela follow him to Doma. A daunting task, by any measure, but likely a necessary one, given the Liberation Front's depleted forces. Reluctantly, Yugiri departs to deliver the news to your comrades in the south, leaving you, Lyse, and Gosetsu to assist Lord Hien in his bold endeavor.
  • Being a man who puts great store by honor and respect, Hien thanks you once more for your many deeds in service to Doma. But he recognizes that you are also a practical woman, disinclined to listen to long speeches and flowery words, and would gladly tell you more of his plan to win the Naadam.



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