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Elation and Trepidation

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Elation and Trepidation

Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:5.6, Y:15.8)
Quest line

Experience 46,000
Gil 1,276
Previous quest
Hope on the Waves
Next quest
Storm on the Horizon
Precious Reclamation

Yugiri is eager to see Gosetsu safely back to their master.

— In-game description


  • Ask soldiers about Jifuya. 0/2


There are no journal entries for this quest.


Accepting the Quest

Yugiri: We must meet with Lord Hien as soon as possible -- though mayhap not at the enclave...

Yugiri: I would send word requesting that he receive us at the House of the Fierce, where there are fewer prying eyes.

Yugiri: If all are in agreement, I shall scout ahead and see that the way is clear. Pray follow as swiftly are you are able, and join me on the outskirts of Namai.

Near Namai

Yugiri: All is well?

Yugiri: Good. The others are hiding nearby. Let us proceed -- quietly, if you please.

In the House of the Fierce

Gosetsu: My lord Hien. I am returned.

Hien: Save your tears for the morrow. For we who yet walk the path should not think too much on the destination.

Hien: When the hour arrives, we shall welcome what comes with open arms.

Hien: And welcome it you did, even as the keep fell down around us. At that moment, in your smile, I spied a shred of hope. One which I have clung to ever since.

Hien: Gosetsu. Full glad am I to see you alive and well.

Gosetsu: We have played this scene before, have we not? Though this time our roles are reversed.

Hien: That they are.

Hien: Meaning you know how I feel.

Hien: Wholly at a loss for words. Welcome back, old friend!

Hien: Now then, though we rejoice at your return, it seems you have brought with you certain... complications.

Hien: Rise, my friend. Tell me everything.

Hien: The Empire is bold indeed to send a token force to engage the Confederacy.

Yugiri: As acting viceroy, Yotsuyu would have been privy to imperial secrets. The Garleans will not soon give up the chase.

Hien: Nay. It will end with her capture... or her death.

Yotsuyu: Are you a friend too?

Gosetsu: She claims to have lost her memory, though I know not if she speaks true. I brought her here that you might decide her fate.

Hien: Lost her memory, you say...

Hien: Regardless, the people have not forgotten. Her face yet haunts their dreams. She cannot roam free. We will hold her here for a time.

Hien: Place her in Jifuya's care, with the express instruction that she is not to be seen.

Yugiri: Yes, my lord.

Yugiri: Come.

Yotsuyu: N-No, I don't want to.

Yotsuyu: Don't let her take me away!

Gosetsu: It's all right, Tsuyu. I will come with you. Be a good girl and listen to Yugiri.

Hien: From a hound at his throat to a puppy at his heel...

Hien: If this is an act, it is a remarkable performance.

Gosetsu and Yugiri Return

Hien: Thank you for delivering Gosetsu back to us in one piece. We are lucky indeed to have friends who would journey to the other side of the world to help us -- and repeatedly, at that.

Hien: We have much and more to think upon, but as regards the Empire, we can but watch and wait.

Hien: Now then, seeing as you've come all this way, you must allow me to show you around the enclave. I would not have you thinking we've been idle in your absence.

Hien: The rebuilding effort proceeds apace, I'm pleased to say, and we are now ready to welcome home our countrymen who were displaced by the war. Should they so desire it, there is a place here for those who fled to Eorzea.

Alphinaud: We should be delighted to accept your invitation, Lord Hien. And I have no doubt that your subjects at Revenant's Toll will be heartened to hear that their lord has not forgotten them.

Alisaie: ...Hm? Oh, it's nothing. I just thought that Gosetsu and Yugiri would be back by now.

Yugiri: Forgive me, my lord, but Captain Jifuya is nowhere to be found.

Hien: Oh? He was here when I arrived.

Gosetsu: For now, we have taken Yotsuyu to a private chamber and assigned another to watch over her, my lord. But I find it passing strange that the captain should leave his post with nary a word.

Alphinaud: That does seem most unusual. If you mean to look for the man, we would be happy to assist you.

Yugiri: We should be glad of the help. While I search without, mayhap you could ask our soldiers here if they know anything.

Hien: I will join you.

Yugiri: With respect, my lord, you should remain here. Should the Empire move against us, you will be better able to coordinate our response.

Hien: Hah! And there I was thinking I was in charge... But you have the right of it. Go on, then. I will mind the House.

Asking Around

Haname: You seek the captain? He passed by a little while ago.

Haname: I, uh... I wondered if I should tell someone, as it happens. He did not look well, you see. I asked if aught was the matter and he told me the past had caught up with him. But I doubt it was that. There are older men in our ranks.

Kaidate: Captain Jifuya? He was headed for the northern entrance when I saw him last. I was going to invite him to train with us, but he did not hear me call out to him.

Kaidate: If you need him, I daresay the sentry on duty will be able to tell you more. Indeed, I suggested as much to Mistress Alisaie when she came asking earlier. Is something amiss?

At the Northern Entrance

Alisaie: I see the trail led you here as well. This man says he saw Jifuya leave.

Liberation Front Sentry: Aye, the captain went outside some few bells ago -- and looking quite unwell, I am sorry to say. This I mentioned to Lord Gosetsu, who straightways struck out after him. I hope they will be all right...

Alisaie: Gosetsu too? It seems everyone is bent on joining the search.

Alisaie: That's all well and good, but someone has to stay behind. There's no telling what the Empire is plotting.

Alisaie: You go on, [Player]. Alphinaud and I shall hold the fort.

Liberation Front Sentry: The captain went outside looking quite unwell. Lord Gosetsu has since gone to find him.

Finding Jifuya

Jifuya: By the kami! You're Lord Hien's-- L-Leave me! Leave me, I beg of you! Say nothing of this! I was never here!

Yugiri: There you are.

Jifuya: Lady Yugiri. Lord Gosetsu. Forgive me my abrupt disappearance.

Gosetsu: You have your reasons, I am sure. Will you not share them?

Jifuya: I was... I was her master. When she was yet a courtesan.

Gosetsu: By the kami...

Jifuya: She... worked in my establishment.

Jifuya: Her father was a regular client of mine. One day, quite without preamble, he offered to sell her to me. “She may be no maiden,” he said, “but she has some use left in her.”

Jifuya: He sold her short. When first I beheld her, I was struck by her beauty. And yet, behind her eyes, there was... an emptiness. 'Twas as if she had given up on life. She seemed more a doll than a woman.

Jifuya: It was no profession for her, but I knew she would be popular. And so it proved. Men flocked to drown themselves in that cold, bottomless gaze.

Jifuya: The rest you know. She became an imperial informant, and for her loyal service won the office of acting viceroy.

Gosetsu: ...While you came to serve the Liberation Front.

Jifuya: 'Tis said that the atrocities Yotsuyu committed were driven by vengeance. If so, I bear part of the blame for creating the monster she became.

Jifuya: Joining the Front was meant to be my atonement.

Jifuya: But the truth is... The truth is, I am a coward whose only thought was to escape her wrath. Then as now.

Gosetsu: ...I see. Then I shall recommend that you be assigned to a new post.

Gosetsu: I trust you have no objections, Yugiri?

Yugiri: None. It would not do to leave Yotsuyu in his care.

Jifuya: I am in your debt.

Yugiri: Who is it that you seek to protect, Gosetsu?

Yugiri: Idle musings. Pray pay me no mind.

Yugiri: Forgive me, now is not the time for brooding. Come, let us rejoin the others.

Gathering Around Hien

Alisaie: Jifuya can't be the only one here with a mortal fear of Yotsuyu. She tormented these people.

Gosetsu: That her mere presence should sow such strife...

Alphinaud: Everyone is here. Good. There have been developments that demand our immediate attention.

Yugiri: Lord Hien and Master Alphinaud look troubled... Something is afoot.

Finishing the Quest

Hien: I thank you for your help in the search. Gosetsu has told me all that transpired.

Hien: I would not presume to defend the life Jifuya led before he joined the Front. Nor will I condemn it. Frankly, it is not my place to judge. I will only say this: the Jifuya I know has ever been a man of courage. That he should feel driven to flee bespeaks the depth of his terror. Even now, Yotsuyu casts a shadow over the realm...

Hien: But the question of what is to be done with her must wait. The Empire is on the move once more.

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