Through the Maelstrom

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Through the Maelstrom

Through the Maelstrom.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:8.9, Y:14.3)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era
Experience 2,340
Gil 7,000
Previous quest
When Yugiri Met the Fraternity
Next quest
The Great Divide
Whorl of a Time

Yugiri has the air of a woman bursting with gratitude.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


You are now getting as quests rewards Item Level 110 gear that was formerly purchased with Allagan Tomestone of Soldiery Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery. For this set Noct = Fending, Gloam = Slaying, and Auroral = Aiming.



  • Yugiri has the air of a woman bursting with gratitude.
  • You arrive at the Rising Stones, resolved to pass on Yugiri's words of thanks, but before you are able to do so, Minfilia proceeds to externalize her thoughts with regard to recent events. Based on the phenomenon she observed in the moments prior to Leviathan's summoning, the Antecedent is convinced that the true nature of the Echo and the secret to defeating the Ascians now lie within reach. Even as she resolves to take action, however, Urianger bursts into the solar bearing grim tidings: the Isle of Val, home to the Students of Baldesion, has been destroyed by a spell like in power to Ultima...


Yugiri: Much and more has occurred since first I beheld Eorzea from the galleon's deck. Suffice it to say, I did not envisage being invited to play a part in your noble struggle.
Yugiri: But forgive me, I have kept you overlong. Doubtless you have pressing business of your own. Rest assured that I no longer require an escort in this land.
Yugiri: When next you meet Lady Minfilia, pray relay to her my humblest thanks. Would that I could do so in person, but I must needs fulfill my promise to the Admiral. Till we meet again, Warrior of Light.
Inconspicuous Man: Cor, it's been ages since Thancred up and left the Sisters. What I wouldn't give to run with the old scoundrel again, just like back in the old days...
Shadowy Woman: Far Eastern combat art, eh? I must say, my curiosity's fairly piqued!