The Song Begins

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Estinien - The Churning Mists (x13, y11)
Requirements Level 55
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 67200    Gil 761
Previous Quest Next Quest
Into the Aery A Secret from Everyone
An Immaculate Home
Back to Baskets
Give Back My Precious
I Won't Leaf You Behind
If Living Is Without Nuts
Just Another Bug Hunt
Mallow in Sadness
Seedy Business
Something in the Water
The Mog Squad Assembles
The Sins of our Landlords
There Will Be Blades
Unrest in Ishgard
Unwanted Attention
Worried Sick
Wyvern Let Die





  • Estinien would know the origin of Nidhogg's mysterious eye.
  • It would seem that Estinien cannot rest until he has prised the truth from Hraesvelgr─and he would have Lady Iceheart present to hear the final chapter of the tale. Travel to Zenith in the Churning Mists and seek out Ysayle.
  • You rejoin Ysayle at Zenith, and once more sound the horn to summon Hraesvelgr. As before, the great wyrm's presence stirs the dormant power of the Echo, and you are visited with a vision from a thousand years past. In the scene which unfolds before you, Hraesvelgr surrenders an eye to his vengeful brood-brother, condemning the people of Ishgard to an eternity of suffering... At last, you know the truth of the Dragonsong War's beginnings.