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New Winds, Old Friends

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New Winds, Old Friends

Quest giver
The Churning Mists (X:33, Y:15)
Quest line
Heavensward Main Scenario

Experience 124,800
Gil 1,014
Previous quest
The Wyrm's Lair
Next quest
A General Summons

Estinien would have you enlist the aid of Cid Garlond.

— In-game description



  • You arrive back in Ishgard to find Alphinaud pondering how best to locate the Ironworks' ever-industrious master. Recalling Lord Emmanellain's fondness for gossip, he suggests paying a visit to Fortemps Manor. Make your way to the Pillars, and speak with the young lord.
  • Lord Emmanellain is only too happy to furnish you with the latest gossip surrounding Cid and the Holy See's ill-fated airship. Make your way to Ishgard's airship landing and seek out your old friend.
  • You locate Cid at the airship landing, and Alphinaud wastes no time describing your predicament. Wary of pitting the Enterprise against foes as agile as the Dravanians, however, Cid suggests you take a look at his employees' latest project. Head over to the Skysteel Manufactory and speak with Biggs.
  • Biggs and Wedge proudly display their newest invention -- a diminutive airship known as a “manacutter.” As they set about explaining the craft's various advantages and disadvantages, however, the door bursts open to admit a panting Tataru. The receptionist has news of the sultana! Noting the urgency of the situation, Cid bids you concentrate on matters in Ul'dah while he and his engineers continue work on the manacutter.


Speaking with Cid and Biggs at the airship landing.
Biggs and Wedge's newest design, the manacutter.

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