List of marauder quests

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This is a list of marauder quests.

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
Way of the Marauder Class quest 1 Blauthota Marauder 1 Weathered war axe icon1.png  Weathered War Axe
5 Marmot steak icon1.png  Marmot Steak
My First Axe Class quest 1 Wyrnzoen
Axe in the Stone Class quest 5 Wyrnzoen 1 Bronze war axe icon1.png  Bronze War Axe
1 Custom-made cuirass icon1.png  Custom-made Cuirass
1 Leather eyepatch icon1.png  Leather Eyepatch
1 Fingerless leather gloves icon1.png  Fingerless Leather Gloves
1 Altered thighboots icon1.png  Altered Thighboots
5 Allagan tin piece icon1.png  Allagan Tin Piece
Wake of Destruction Class quest 10 Wyrnzoen 1 Cloud axe icon1.png  Cloud Axe
1 Leather jacket icon1.png  Leather Jacket
1 Bronze sallet icon1.png  Bronze Sallet
1 Hempen bracers icon1.png  Hempen Bracers
1 Leather jackboots icon1.png  Leather Jackboots
1 Allagan bronze piece icon1.png  Allagan Bronze Piece
Brutal Strength Class quest 15 Wyrnzoen Tomahawk.png  Tomahawk 1 Iron war axe icon1.png  Iron War Axe
1 Bronze cuirass icon1.png  Bronze Cuirass
1 Bronze gauntlets icon1.png  Bronze Gauntlets
1 Padded hempen trousers icon1.png  Padded Hempen Trousers
1 Bronze sabatons icon1.png  Bronze Sabatons
5 Allagan bronze piece icon1.png  Allagan Bronze Piece
The Mountain That Strides Class quest 20 Wyrnzoen 1 Inferno axe icon1.png  Inferno Axe
1 Iron cuirass icon1.png  Iron Cuirass
1 Iron celata icon1.png  Iron Celata
1 Iron gauntlets icon1.png  Iron Gauntlets
1 Iron sabatons icon1.png  Iron Sabatons
1 Allagan bronze piece icon1.png  Allagan Bronze Piece
Bleeder of the Pack Class quest 25 Wyrnzoen 1 Thunderstorm axe icon1.png  Thunderstorm Axe
1 Heavy iron armor icon1.png  Heavy Iron Armor
1 Heavy iron gauntlets icon1.png  Heavy Iron Gauntlets
1 Heavy iron flanchard icon1.png  Heavy Iron Flanchard
2 Allagan silver piece icon1.png  Allagan Silver Piece
Bringing Down the Mountain Class quest 30 Wyrnzoen Thrill of Battle.png  Thrill of Battle
Marauder (New Game+)
Marauder (New Game+)
Marauder Adventurer Plate
Marauder Adventurer Plate
1 Spiked steel labrys icon1.png  Spiked Steel Labrys
1 Steel cuirass icon1.png  Steel Cuirass
1 Steel celata icon1.png  Steel Celata
1 Steel gauntlets icon1.png  Steel Gauntlets
1 Steel sabatons icon1.png  Steel Sabatons
3 Allagan silver piece icon1.png  Allagan Silver Piece

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