Bringing Down the Mountain

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Bringing Down the Mountain

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Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.2, Y:6.1)
Experience 12,480
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestBleeder of the Pack
Next quest
Feature QuestPride and Duty (Will Take You from the Mountain)

Axemaster Wyrnzoen appears to have some urgent news for you.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:


The level 20 Main Scenario Quest Main Scenario QuestSylph-management is required for the next quest to unlock.



  • Axemaster Wyrnzoen appears to have some urgent news for you.
  • Wyrnzoen informs you that Kujata has been spotted in lower La Noscea. Before seeking to do battle with the rampaging beast, the axemaster bids you first visit Sighard at the Red Rooster Stead.
  • Sighard has once again begged you to slay the beast responsible for the death of his parents. It seems, however that you will not be alone in the task. Speak with Solkwyb and Broenbhar before leaving the Stead, and enlist their aid for the coming battle.
  • Solkwyb and Broenbhar are both eager to stand at your side as you seek to bring down the Stampeding Mountain. Follow Broenbhar's advice, and track down Kujata by following the beast's trail of destruction.
  • You have found the broken remnants of a pot, but Kujata is nowhere to be seen. Continue following the trail left by him and his pack of rapacious scavengers.
  • You have discovered the shattered pieces of a barrel on the side of the roa, but have yet to spot Kujata. Continue following the trail of destruction left behind by the monster and his pack.
  • You have stumbled upon the splintered remains of a crate, but Kujata himself appears to have since moved on. Continue your search for the vile beast and the ravenous creatures that follow him.
  • You have finally caught up with Kujata and ended the murderous auroch's terrible rampage. Wyrnzoen appears with Sighard and Neddard in tow, just in time to help celebrate your hard-won victory. Sighard is overcome with gratitude. Now that you have freed the boy from his burden of vengeance, he has decided to pursue the path of a hero. All that remains is to speak with your waiting colleagues.
  • Wyrnzoen, Solkwyb, and Broenbhar all applaud the mighty deed you have accomplished. Return to Limsa Lominsa, and speak with the axemaster once more back at the guild.
  • Wyrnzoen, having imparted to you all the knowledge of axecraft that he possesses, bids you venture beyond the teachings of the guild. And once you have attained a new peak of marauder perfection, he hopes you will return to share your discoveries. The world-- with all its wondrous and deadly challenges-- is yours to explore.


Accepting the quest

Wyrnzoen: [Player]. Your confrontation with the beast is at hand——Kujata has made his presence known.
Wyrnzoen: Reports place the creature to the northeast of the Red Rooster Stead, in the vicinity of the Grey Fleet.
Wyrnzoen: There is little more for me to say but this: harness all the strength you have built through your labors of sweat and blood, and unleash it full-fury upon Kujata and his menagerie of scavengers.
Wyrnzoen: Sighard yet lies abed, trusting in your strength and praying for your victory.
Wyrnzoen: I ask that you go to the lad before the battle, and tell him you venture forth to fell the object of his vengeance. Such news should cheer his ailing heart.
Wyrnzoen: The time is come, [Player full name]! May your axe strike deep and true!

Speaking to Sighard

Sighard: [Player]... I'm sorry fer makin' trouble.
Sighard: No, I deserved what I got. It's me own fault fer not believin' in ye...
Sighard: B-But ye came back anyway! And now yer gonna take that axe to Kujata's head, ain't ye!?
Sighard: I know ye can beat that bastard! Ye got to!

Speaking to guildmates

Speaking to Broenbhar

Broenbhar: Might be as I'm stickin' me nose in where it ain't wanted, but I couldn't abide the thought o' ye facin' that monster solo. Kujata's got his friends, so it's only fair if ye've got a couple, too.
Broenbhar: An' what're friends for if not to lighten yer load? I already did some o' the groundwork for ye. Seems like a farmer an' his wain have fallen victim to the fiend's pack.
Broenbhar: If we follow the trail o' destruction, it might just lead us to the big bugger himself.

Speaking to Solkwyb

Solkwyb: I heard Kujata had reared his ugly head again, and I reckoned you'd not be too far behind.
Solkwyb: I hope you won't object to me lending what aid I can. We've been through much, you and I, and I would see this tale to its end.
Solkwyb: Broenbhar, well, he felt much the same. So here we are——a pack of two to offset the ravenous beasts that follow in Kujata's wake.

Inspecting overturned wain - solo duty

Solkwyb the Enlightened: This is it, [Player].
Send the beast to the abyss! Broenbhar Rocksplitter: Focus on fightin' Kujata!
Leave the hyenas to me! Solkwyb the Enlightened: Be on your guard!
He's up to something! Solkwyb the Enlightened: I can barely close your wounds!
What has he done to you!? Solkwyb the Enlightened: Ugh, no wonder his victims
were so hard to heal!


Sighard: [Player]!
Wyrnzoen: It appears our timing was fortuitous.
Sighard: The axemaster carried me 'ere so's I could see...
Sighard: Ye did it. Ye really did it...
Sighard: <sniffle> Ma? Da? Do ye see? [Player] killed the bastard! 'E's finally dead!
Sighard: Thank ye. Thank all of ye.
Sighard: [Player]? Do ye reckon I could learn to swing an axe like that?
Sighard: When I's bigger, I mean. I want to protect folk, too. Keep 'em safe know, monsters an' things.
Wyrnzoen: If you train hard, then naught is beyond your reach, young man.
Sighard: Then that's what I'll do! I'll train every single day!
Sighard: Ye'll see! I'll be the strongest 'ero there ever was!

Speaking to guildmates

Speaking to Broenbhar

Broenbhar: I saw it with me own eyes, an' I can still scarce believe it. Ye brought down the Mountain...

Speaking to Solkwyb

Solkwyb: Well done, [Player]! I knew from the first moment we met that you would rise to meet any challenge!

Speaking to Wyrnzoen

Wyrnzoen: It is done, [Player]. You have answered the boy's prayers, and upheld the pride of the guild.
Wyrnzoen: Hold your head high, marauder! I shall be awaiting your triumphant return to Limsa Lominsa!

Reporting back to Wyrnzoen

Wyrnzoen: That was truly a mighty feat, [Player]. Never have I seen a marauder so dedicated to attaining the pinnacle of his/her discipline.
Wyrnzoen: In recognition of your achievements, I, Axemaster Wyrnzoen, pass on to you our guild's final technique: the Thrill of Battle.
Wyrnzoen: This skill teaches you to embrace the fear and danger of combat, allowing you to push well beyond the normal limits of your stamina.
Wyrnzoen: Though the thought brings me both joy and sadness, there is naught more I can teach you. May the memories of your time here at the guild sustain you as you strive for ever greater heights of perfection.
Wyrnzoen: Experience, now, shall be your tutor. There will always be greater foes and deadlier challenges on which to test your blade——of that, I am certain.
Wyrnzoen: You enter a realm of our craft in which even I have never set foot. I only hope that when you reach the very boundaries of our art, you will return to share your triumphs with us. Until then, [Player], may your axe ever swing true!