The Mountain That Strides

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The Mountain That Strides

Marauder quest image.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.2, Y:6.1)
Experience 6,960
Gil 0
Previous quest
Brutal Strength
Next quest
Bleeder of the Pack

Axemaster Wyrnzoen requires your assistance with a troubling development.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Axemaster Wyrnzoen requires your assistance with a troubling development.
  • Wyrnzoen informs you that Sighard, the boy whose parents were killed by Kujata, has gone missing. In light of your previous experiences, the axemaster has nominated you to find the wayward child. Seek out Solkwyb at the Bismark, and discuss how you should best proceed with the search.
  • Solkwyb suggests that you first hear the details of Sighard's disappearance directly from the boy's grandfather. Make your way to the Red Rooster Stead in lower La Noscea and speak with Neddard.
  • After listening to Neddard's tale, you learn that Sighard has likely run off towards Aleport in search of Kujata. Speak with Solkwyb to plan your next move.
  • Solkwyb mentions an acquaintance in Aleport who might have more information on Sighard's whereabouts. Head to the coastal settlement in western La Noscea, and question the gate guard Pfarstym.
  • Pfarstym tells you that he saw a boy matching Sighard's description heading off to the north. Fearing for the child's safety, he urges you to make haste before a roaming pack of predators finds Sighard first. Search the area around Aleport, and attempt to pick up the boy's trail.
  • You have managed to discover some of Sighard's belongings, but the boy himself is nowhere to be seen. Catch up to Solkwyb, and see if her search has proven more fruitful.
  • Along with Solkwyb, and the sudden arrival of Wyrnzoen, you manage to resue Sighard from a vicious pack of ravenous jackals. Return to the Red Rooster Stead and speak with the waiting Neddard.
  • Upon hearing of your account of the rescue, Neddard apologizes for his grandon's foolhardy actions. There appears to be little more you can do for Sighard now except allow him time to recover from his injuries. Return to the Marauders' Guild and discuss with Wyrnzoen what you might best be doing.
  • Wyrnzoen expresses sympathy for Sighard's impatience, and directs you to return to your training. The axemaster once again vows to shape you into a weapon deadly enough to fell even the mighty Kujata.
    • The next marauder quest will be available from Wyrnzoen upon reaching level 25.