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Akadaemia Anyder (Quest)

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Akadaemia Anyder

Akadaemia Anyder.png
Quest giver
Overwrought Ondo
Eulmore (X:12.9, Y:12.4)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestShadowbringers
Experience 0
Gil 4,917

The overwrought Ondo seems overjoyed to see you.

— In-game description




  • Speak with the administrative clerk.
  • Speak with the Akadaemia academic.
  • Speak with the Akadaemia academic.
  • Report to the overwrought Ondo.


  • The overwrought Ondo seems overjoyed to see you.
  • The overwrought Ondo has come ashore in search of an ally who can enter the city of Amaurot. It seems the Cups is being threatened by a great beast of savage temperament, and the Ondo fear it is an omen─that they have somehow incurred the wrath of the ancients. Perhaps a visit to the Bureau of the Administrator will explain the mystery behind the creature's sudden appearance...
  • After hearing your description of the beast, the clerk at the Bureau of the Administrator suspects it may be one of Akadaemia Anyder's creations. He sends you south to the public offices of the Akadaemia, suggesting that you repeat your tale at the institution's front desk.
  • Once more you describe the savage creature with the cavernous maw, only to be told that the beast in question is, in fact, under the supervision of the Akadaemia's scholars. Seeing no harm in allowing you─a resident sponsored by Emet-Selch─an educational visit to their hallowed halls, the academic sends you into Akadaemia Anyder to confirm the creature's containment for yourself.
  • You have completed your “tour” of Akadaemia Anyder, finding the entire institution besieged by chaos and carnage. Return to the front desk, and make your report to the waiting academic.
  • Speaking with the academic, you are treated to a brief lecture for every point of interest you noted within the Akadaemia. Most significantly, however, it seems that the mystery beast managed to escape both its containment and the notice of those outside the institution. With nothing left to learn, you prepare to make your way back to the Derelicts and the waiting Ondo.
  • It seems your visit to Akadaemia Anyder has produced more questions than answers, leaving the Ondo concerned that the creature now threatening the Cups was able to slip the bonds of the ancients themselves. Otherwise, he seems greatly relieved that his people have done nothing to incur the old ones' wrath. The Ondo promises to share this news with his fellows, and bids you come to the Tempest to join them in the hunt...