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For Every Child a Star

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For Every Child a Star

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Quest giver
The Crystarium (X:11.0, Y:8.5)
Quest line
Crystalline Mean Quests
Required quest
Shadowbringers (Quest)
Gil 1,055
Previous quest
The Iron Bellows
The Notes of Bond Restoring
Healing Old Wounds
The Myth Takes Form
Morsel of the Deep

Katliss has a special request for the Crystalline Mean's most esteemed benefactor.

— In-game description





  • Katliss has a special request for the Crystalline Mean's most esteemed benefactor.
  • While the restoration of the night sky has been celebrated throughout the Crystarium, a few of its youngest inhabitants remain unsure how they feel about this new state of affairs. Precisely why the children mislike the night is unclear, but if you ask them directly they will surely be happy to explain.
  • The deepest darkness is the ideal canvas for the mind's paintbrush, and unfortuntely the children of the Crystarium find it all too easy to imagine their worst fears lurking in the shadows. How Katliss intends to address these concerns is anyone's guess...
  • Rather than dictate the approach herself, Katliss would have you speak with the five leaders of the Crystalline Mean's facets, explain the situation, and offer them whatever assistance they require to formulate and manufacture solutions. Iola, Thiuna, Bethric, Qeshi-Rae, and Frithrik should all be capable and willing to join in this endeavor.
  • While all five leaders are eager to help the children, each has resolved to develop an individual solution. Moreover, all insisted that your services would not be required, as they feel confident in their ability to deliver and wish to seize the opportunity to demonstrate how far they have come thanks to your constant support.
  • Katliss is somewhat surprised but pleased to hear of the leaders' responses. She bids you wait with the children in the Rotunda for the artisans to complete and present their work for the gathered audience, while Katliss herself takes a moment to prepare a special surprise...
  • The children are delighted by the myriad solutions presented to them by each of the facet's leaders, who leveraged their unique strengths to prepare a variety of items to serve as light sources for the children. The night sky is further illuminated by a flurry of fireworks, courtesy of Katliss, and as all look on in awe, she takes a moment to reminisce about the family she lost and the family she gained. Though the legacy of the dead will always weigh on her heart, she believes that the best way to honor them is to live well─and so you shall.