List of lancer quests

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This is a list of lancer quests.

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
Way of the Lancer Class quest 1 Jillian Lancer 1 Weathered spear icon1.png  Weathered Spear
5 Marmot steak icon1.png  Marmot Steak
My First Spear Class quest 1 Ywain
Spear of the Fearless Class quest 5 Ywain 1 Bone harpoon icon1.png  Bone Harpoon
1 Custom-made scale mail icon1.png  Custom-made Scale Mail
1 Leather eyepatch icon1.png  Leather Eyepatch
1 Fingerless leather gloves icon1.png  Fingerless Leather Gloves
1 Altered thighboots icon1.png  Altered Thighboots
5 Allagan tin piece icon1.png  Allagan Tin Piece
Courage of Stone Class quest 10 Ywain 1 Feathered harpoon icon1.png  Feathered Harpoon
1 Leather jacket icon1.png  Leather Jacket
1 Bronze sallet icon1.png  Bronze Sallet
1 Hempen bracers icon1.png  Hempen Bracers
1 Hard leather thighboots icon1.png  Hard Leather Thighboots
2 Allagan bronze piece icon1.png  Allagan Bronze Piece
A Dangerous Proposition Class quest 15 Ywain Piercing Talon.png  Piercing Talon 1 Brass spear icon1.png  Brass Spear
1 Cotton tabard icon1.png  Cotton Tabard
1 Hunting hat icon1.png  Hunting Hat
1 Fingerless hard leather gloves icon1.png  Fingerless Hard Leather Gloves
1 Hard leather crakows icon1.png  Hard Leather Crakows
3 Allagan bronze piece icon1.png  Allagan Bronze Piece
Lance of Destiny Class quest 20 Ywain 1 Iron lance icon1.png  Iron Lance
1 Goatskin jacket icon1.png  Goatskin Jacket
1 Iron sallet icon1.png  Iron Sallet
1 Goatskin armguards icon1.png  Goatskin Armguards
1 Goatskin leg guards icon1.png  Goatskin Leg Guards
5 Allagan bronze piece icon1.png  Allagan Bronze Piece
Questions and Lancers Class quest 25 Ywain 1 Silver battle fork icon1.png  Silver Battle Fork
1 Velveteen shirt icon1.png  Velveteen Shirt
1 Altered velveteen bandana icon1.png  Altered Velveteen Bandana
1 Fingerless goatskin gloves icon1.png  Fingerless Goatskin Gloves
1 Goatskin crakows icon1.png  Goatskin Crakows
2 Allagan silver piece icon1.png  Allagan Silver Piece
Proof of Might Class quest 30 Ywain Lance Charge.png  Lance Charge
Lancer (New Game+)
Lancer (New Game+)
Lancer Adventurer Plate
Lancer Adventurer Plate
1 Steel spear icon1.png  Steel Spear
1 Toadskin jacket icon1.png  Toadskin Jacket
1 Steel sallet icon1.png  Steel Sallet
1 Toadskin armguards icon1.png  Toadskin Armguards
1 Toadskin leg guards icon1.png  Toadskin Leg Guards
3 Allagan silver piece icon1.png  Allagan Silver Piece

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