Courage of Stone

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Courage of Stone

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Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:14, Y:5)
Experience 3,420
Gil 0
Previous quest
Spear of the Fearless
Next quest
A Dangerous Proposition

Guildmaster Ywain has a mind to test your courage.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Obtain the Stone of Courage at Naked Rock.
  • Obtain the Stone of Courage at Spirithold.
  • Deliver the Stone of Courage to Ywain.


  • Guildmaster Ywain has a mind to test your courage.
  • For your next trial, Ywain bids you obtain the Stone of Courage. It rests at the summit of Naked Rock, an anole-infested tor situated in the Central Shroud.
  • After a grueling climb, you reach the summit of Naked Rock and gratefully claim the Stone of Courage. However, your moment of triumph is cut short by the appearance of the rogue lancer whom you encountered back at the guild. The sneering spearman, who introduces himself as Foulques, proceeds to declare your prize a counterfeit before challenging you to find the true stone, which he claims to have secreted in the depths of Spirithold. It would seem a trip to the abandoned dungeon is in order...
  • You have succeeded in obtaining the true Stone of Courage. Deliver it to Ywain, who awaits you back at the Lancers' Guild.
  • Having listened intently to the tale of your meeting with Foulques, Ywain cautions you against paying the rogue lancer's words any heed. Contradicting Foulques' claim that courage can only be forged in the midst of great danger, the guildmaster reminds you that a lancer's courage is the product of composure and resolve. It is these qualities, and not blind daring, that he would have you keep in mind as you continue your training.