Foxy Lady

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Foxy Lady
Type Kill Boss
Location Foxy Lady spawn points.png
Level 70
Duration 30m
Starting NPC Mikuzume
Enemies Tamamo Gozen
Description Upon capture by a wicked Hingan onmyoji, the nine-tailed fox spirit slumbering deep within the young maiden Mikuzume awakens. Now, the only way to stop the legendary Tamamo Gozen is with an excessive display of force.
Rewards Sassho-seki Fragment, Naughty Girls Need Love, as Well
Experience 0
Gil 140
Company Seals 402
Previous FATE Outfoxed
Foxy Lady is a level 70 Kill Boss FATE in Yanxia. It is 1 of 2 Rare Boss FATEs of Stormblood. It spawns seconds to 48 hours after the completion of Outfoxed[1][2] and only appears on the mini-map. When Foxy Lady spawns, the Namai Elder will appear at The Heron's Flight (x34.5, y13.0)[3][4]. In the FATE players face Tamamo Gozen. Foxy Lady has an estimated respawn time of 3-48 hours.[5][6]


Yanxia, Doma (Area) (x11, y17), (x16, y12), Yanxia, The Glittering Basin (x24, y34)[7]


  • Autumnal Ball is a telegraphed, dodgable aoe on random players. Tamamo Gozen places two of these at a time, but switches to three once its health is low.
  • Millennial Ferocity is a dodgable line aoe directed at a random player. The first cast is telegraphed on the ground, but the following are only telegraphed by where Tamamo Gozen is facing.
  • Sidelong Glance is a telegraphed, dodgable aoe around Tamamo Gozen. It inflicts an uncleansable Imp debuff on those hit.
  • Overlong Glance is a telegraphed, dodgable aoe around Tamamo Gozen. It inflicts those hit while facing Tamamo Gozen with an uncleansable Seduced debuff.
  • Dancing Wind is a large donut shaped aoe for which Tamamo Gozen's hitbox is safe. It pulls in players hit, oftentimes followed by Sidelong Glance.


Upon killing Tamamo Gozen players will receive Sassho-seki Fragments. 15 Fragments are awarded for Gold completion.

Fragments are used to purchase Tamamo Headband, Fox Kit and Stuffed Fox from Eschina in Rhalgr's Reach (x13.8,y11.7).


  • Mikuzume can randomly appear at (x30, y30) while the More to Offer FATE is active.
  • Mikuzume can randomly appear at (x26, y7) while the Freedom Flies FATE is active.
  • Gold Fox will appear at The Heron's Flight (x34.5, y13.0) while the Mikuzume-triggered FATE Outfoxed is active and moves to the location of Outfoxed after it ends.
  • Tamamo Gozen used to be named "Tamamo-no-Gozen" until Patch 4.4.



Respawn Time Data

A small data sample of how long it took Foxy Lady to respawn on various worlds over a 3 month period. This could be bias in that nobody may have attempted to spawn it for 24 hours.

  • 11/04/20 13:00 - 12/04/20 12:51 (23:51 hours later)
  • 10/04/20 09:34 - 11/04/20 12:40 (27:06 hours later)
  • 03/03/20 15:03 - 04/03/20 19:24 (28:21 hours later)
  • 24/02/20 19:07 - 26/02/20 00:40 (29:33 hours later)
  • 12/02/20 18:55 - 14/02/20 01:24 (30:29 hours later)
  • 14/03/20 00:10 - 15/03/20 08:39 (32:29 hours later)
  • 14/03/20 19:27 - 16/03/20 04:12 (32:45 hours later)
  • 19/03/20 21:25 - 21/03/20 20:31 (47:06 hours later)
  • 16/03/20 15:19 - 18/03/20 19:22 (52:03 hours later)

Spawn time after maintenance:

  • 28/02/2020 16:52 (6-7 hours)
  1. Image of chatlog showing it spawned less than a minute after Outfoxed.
  2. Time-lapse of Foxy Lady spawning 7 hours after Outfoxed
  3. First account of Namai Elder spawning with Foxy Lady
  4. Second account of Namai Elder spawning with Foxy Lady
  5. Failed: 09:28, Last Outfoxed Completed: 13:19, Foxy Lady Spawn: 18:56 (1 day and 09:28 hours later). Foxy Lady spawns instantly after Outfoxed if you wait 56 hours without doing it (see above 0 minute spawn).
  6. The collapsable table above.
  7. 1 week of reports on every data center (07/04/20-14/04/02) and 44 youtube videos from 2017 show it only spawns at these 3. This link shows some worlds independently concluded it was these 3 in 2017. Other 2 spawn points were from a single reddit comment.

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