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A Finale Most Formidable

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A Finale Most Formidable

Kholusia (X:33.9, Y:21.1)
0 Experience
156 Gil
72 Bicolor Gemstone
Ironbeard Builders - Revolt
A Family Most Formidable

It appears that the Goggs have been secretly engineering a massive new automaton capable of thwacking and throttling on a scale heretofore unheard of. Put an end to the malevolent machina by doing a little thwacking and/or throttling of your own.

— In-game description

A Finale Most Formidable is a level 80 FATE spawned in Kholusia.



In order for FATE: Kill BossA Finale Most Formidable to spawn, players must complete the following FATE chains:

  1. FATE: Collect ItemsIronbeard Builders - Rebuilt (X:25.0, Y:16.6)
  2. FATE: Slay EnemiesIronbeard Builders - Resist (X:17.9, Y:14.7)
  3. FATE: DefenseIronbeard Builders - Revolt (X:16.2, Y:20.8)

  1. FATE: DefenseFoes Most Formidable (X:22.6, Y:13.7)
  2. FATE: DefenseA Family Most Formidable (X:25.6, Y:20.8)

Formidable will not spawn if it is still on cooldown.


Aggressive difficulty r4.png Formidable

  • Spincrush: Short, wide, frontal cone AoE pointed at a random player. Does heavy damage.
  • Barrage Fire: Repeatedly spins around doing melee AoE damage and randomly placing 3 circle AoEs around Formidable.
  • Fires of Mt. Gulg: Repeatedly does donut AoEs while placing 3 circle AoEs underneath Formidable and drawing in nearby players. Remain underneath it to avoid the pull and stand in the safe spot not covered by one of the three AoEs.
  • Dwarven Deluge: Spawns 3 small bombs and 3 seeker missiles around Formidable. After a moment, the bombs will expand then explode. Missiles should be intercepted to prevent splash damage.
  • Steam Dome: Melee knockback. Knockback can be nullified with Arm's Length.png  Arm's Length and Surecast.png  Surecast.
  • Drill Shot: Stack AoEs on 1-3 random players.
  • Shock: Spawns 1 purple orb and 2 green orbs. Large donut AoE around the purple orb, then small circle AoEs around the green orbs.
  • Dynamic Sensory Jammer: Inflicts all nearby players with Extreme caution icon1.png Extreme Caution for 5 seconds. Any players who use an action, auto-attack or move while under Extreme caution icon1.png Extreme Caution will be launched into the air and take massive damage when it expires. This ability can be interrupted with Interject.png  Interject or Head Graze.png  Head Graze.
  • Formidable will occasionally spawn 2 Automaton Escort adds.



Gold Silver Bronze
Bicolor Gemstone Bicolor Gemstones 72 36 6
Formidable cog icon1.png  Formidable Cogs 6 4 2
Gil Gil 160 128 16

Players completing this FATE with Gold completion for the first time will also earn the Be Still My (Automatic) Heart achievement.


Gold Silver Bronze
Bicolor Gemstone Bicolor Gemstones 60 ?? ??
Formidable cog icon1.png  Formidable Cogs 4 ? ?
Gil Gil 142 ??? ???


Item Vendor Zone Region Cost
Ironfrog ambler icon2.png  Ironfrog Ambler Fathard Eulmore (10.1, 11.7) Norvrandt Formidable cog icon1.png 6
Ironfrog mover ignition key icon1.png  Ironfrog Mover Ignition Key Fathard Eulmore (10.1, 11.7) Norvrandt Formidable cog icon1.png 12


28 to 48 hours?