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Formidable is a level 80 FATE Boss belonging to the A Finale Most Formidable Boss FATE.

Tips and Tricks

  • Spincrush: Short, wide, frontal cone AoE pointed at a random player. Does heavy damage.
  • Barrage Fire: Repeatedly spins around doing melee AoE damage and randomly placing 3 circle AoEs around Formidable.
  • Fires of Mt. Gulg: Repeatedly does donut AoEs while placing 3 circle AoEs underneath Formidable and drawing in nearby players.
  • Dwarven Deluge: Spawns 3 small bombs and 3 seeker missiles around Formidable. After a moment, the bombs will expand then explode. Missiles should be intercepted to prevent splash damage.
  • Steam Dome: Melee knockback. Knockback can be nullified with skills like Arm's Length and Surecast.
  • Drill Shot: Stack AoEs on 1-3 random players.
  • Shock: Spawns 1 purple orb and 2 green orbs. Large donut AoE around the purple orb, then small circle AoEs around the green orbs.
  • Dynamic Sensory Jammer: Inflicts all nearby players with Extreme Caution for 5 seconds. Any players who use an action, auto-attack or move while under Extreme Caution will be launched into the air and take massive damage when it expires. This ability can be interrupted with skills like Interject.
  • Formidable will occasionally spawn 2 Automaton Escort adds.


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