Prey Online

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Prey Online
Type Kill Boss
Location Azys Lla - (x6,y20),(x27,y5),(x38,y18)
Level 59
Duration 15m
Description After five millennia offline, Proto Ultima has restored auxiliary power and begun a full systems check. To recharge its main power cells, the Allagan killing machine has deployed several aether collectors guarded by some of the most frightening of the fallen empire's godless creations.
Rewards 3 Proto Ultima Exoplating
Prey Online is a level 59 Boss FATE found in Azys Lla (x6,y20),(x27,y5),(x38,y18). During the FATE, players will battle Noctilucale, a boss similar to Rafflesia. It spawns during Hyper Electricity weather condition.

By completing this FATE with Gold rating, players will obtain 3 Proto Ultima Exoplating. Players can trade 5 of the Exoplating to ?? in Idyllshire (x??,y??) for Ultima Horn.

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