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A New Path of Resistance

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Zlatan is ready to see you on your way once more.

— In-game description


Depending on job:


Main article: Augmented Law's Order Weapons/Quest

Timeworn artifact icon1.png  Timeworn Artifacts can be obtained by completing the raid Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr Delubrum Reginae (3 artifacts per clear), or the Deep Dungeon Deep Dungeon Palace of the Dead (Chance of 1 artifact per clear, the chance being greater the higher the floor).

This is arguably the most annoying step in the Shadowbringers relic weapon series, especially because it must be repeated for each weapon the player wishes to obtain. The easiest way to acquire Timeworn Artifacts is to farm the Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr Delubrum Reginae duty. Solo queuing using the Duty Finder equivalent is not recommended due to the unpopularity of the duty since the release of Endwalker (patch 6.0). While the queue is guaranteed to pop after 10 minutes, only a few players will likely be matched and the run could take a long time (1 hr+). The preferred method is to use Party Finder, preferably at peak hours in the data center. Note that these groups will often require the use of damage-boosting Essences to expedite the run.



  • Zlatan is ready to see you on your way once more.
  • While relieved to know the Bozjan ruins are not the only place where antiquities made of aetherial siltstone may be found, Zlatan is no less discomfited knowing the arduous task of procuring them must fall to you. Gerolt is confident that fifteen relics should suffice for your plans, and so you set out in search of dark, perilous ruins, hoping his guess is on the mark.
  • You return to Gangos with a hard-earned assortment of artifacts. Loaded into the Allagan node, along with the Resistance weapon, the refinement process thereafter is surprisingly painless. Almost suspiciously so. Zlatan and Gerolt then discuss the feasibility of repeating the refinement process, prompting an equally suspicious recording from the Allagan node, extolling wares from the House of Splendors that would save you the trouble of finding more artifacts, albeit at a price. Zlatan would not forbid you from purchasing from the House of Splendors, but he is understandably keen to avoid any unnecessary dealings with the notoriously unscrupulous Rowena.