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The majority of Garlean citizens have a natural ineptitude for the workings of magic. To overcome this innate disadvantage, they have developed technology known as "magitek." Perhaps the most common example of magitek would be the ceruleum-fueled devices found in the Empire's machina. The arcane technologies created by exiled Garlean engineers are slowly, but surely, taking root across Eorzea. It will not be long before a marriage between magitek and the mine carts of Ul'dah results in a web of iron causeways spanning the very wastes themselves![1]


This flying magitek machine consists of an upper cylindrical section for aerial propulsion and a lower bipedal section for terrestrial locomotion. The juggernaut can transport an entire squad of soldiers, and is often used to land troops in enemy terrain.[2]


The main duty of the autonomous vanguard is to use its cermet drills to bore through castle gates and defensive bulwarks. True to its name, the vanguard is also employed as an advance troop unit, as well as fulfilling the role of base sentinel by destroying enemy siege weaponry.[3]


Forming the backbone of the imperial army's mounted strength, the reaper is employed in a wide range of tasks, ranging from solo reconnaissance to large-scale shock troop assaults.[4]


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