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Male ♂
Hyur (Highlander)
Goldsmith, President of Manderville & Manderville
Western Thanalan (12.8,13.8)
The Syndicate
Manderville & Manderville
Julyan (wife)
Hildibrand (son)
Quest NPC

"Godbert the goldsmith's a Manderville man / Smithing as only a Manderville can / Oil him up and give him a tan / Fit for a Mander-Manderville man!" "Fancy yourself a Manderville man? / You would do what only a Manderville can? / Then lift your legs, and put up your hands / Be a Mander-Manderville, man!"

— In-game description

Godbert is a Hyur found in Western Thanalan.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Monster of Bronze Lake Sidequest 34 Rukusa Farusa
The Adventure of the Fainting Goldsmith Sidequest 34 Rukusa Farusa
Manderville Men Feature quest 50 Hildibrand
Beneath the Mask Feature quest 50 Hildibrand
Make It a Manderville Feature quest 90 House Manderville Manservant
Golden Rain Sidequest 15 Beggarly Bloke
Trouble in Paradise Sidequest 15 Dismayed Maiden
Love and Kupo Nuts Daily quest 15 Moogle Suitor
Not-so-silent Night Sidequest 15 Amh Garanjy
Saintly Inspiration Daily quest 15 Amh Garanjy
The Ghost of Starlight Present Sidequest 15 Laurenssen

Additional Information

A Highlander of fifty-six winters, Lord Godbert is the owner of a thriving jewelry business, the proprietor of the wildly popular Manderville Gold Saucer, and the self-proclaimed "best goldsmith in Eorzea." He has a disdain for the Ul'dahn jewelry industry, which he believes focuses all too much on the latest trends, and thus set out on a long journey to find his own style. In every region, he hunted exotic monsters for their bones, harvested pearlescent shells from forgotten reefs, pried rough gemstones from the bowels of the realm, and with these materials began to craft stunning jewelry of designs entirely his own.
Upon returning to Ul'dah and opening a shop, he found himself a man of exceeding wealth almost overnight. At present, he runs the daily operation of Manderville & Manderville, and serves as a member of the Syndicate—though he has never expressed much concern for matters of government. Nevertheless, Godbert does hire refugees for his enterprises, and does what he can to better Ul'dah through his field of expertise. At heart, he is a calm man, yet when his ire is raised, he has been known to literally fly out of control, once single-handedly laying to waste an entire party of bandits seeking to wrong the entrepreneur.
Apparently, Godbert dreams of having Hildibrand walk in his footsteps, and despite his son's adamant refusal to do so, he still wishes to impart his son with the ninety-nine secret techniques of House Manderville. Alas, Hildibrand has shown no interest in humoring his father, and Godbert can do naught but wait for his errant progeny to eventuallly come to his senses. Thankfully, he has his faithful wife Julyan's cooking to tide him over until that day comes.