Aetherflow & Faerie Gauge

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Aetherflow & Faerie Gauge is Scholar's Job Gauge.

Aetherflow Gauge

Upon learning the action Aetherflow, the Aetherflow Gauge will be displayed, indicating stacks of Aetherflow.

Aetherflow can be used to execute certain actions such as Lustrate (acquired at level 45) and Excogitation (acquired at level 62).

Aetherflow gauge scholar pve1.png

Simple Mode

Aetherflow gauge scholar pve simple mode1.png

Faerie Gauge

Upon learning the action Aetherpact, you'll be able to view the Faerie Gauge, which displays the amount of fae aether.

Fae aether is accumulated when you use Aetherflow to execute certain actions such as Lustrate or Excogitation during battle while a faerie is summoned. Accumulated fae aether can then be used to perform Aetherpact.

Faerie gauge pve1.png

Upon learning the action Summon Seraph, you can temporarily call Seraph to fight alongside you in place of Eos. The Faerie Gauge will indicate how much time remains before she must return.

Faerie gauge pve2.png

Simple Mode

Faerie gauge pve simple mode1.png Normal

Faerie gauge pve simple mode2.png Aetherpact Duration

Faerie gauge pve simple mode3.png Seraph Duration