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The Burden of Knowledge

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The Burden of Knowledge

The Burden of Knowledge Image.JPG
Quest giver
The Rak'tika Greatwood (X:30.5, Y:17.4)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Main Scenario
Experience 223,200
Gil 4,384
Previous quest
In Good Faith
Next quest
Bearing with It

The entrance to the Qitana Ravel lies open, and Almet would see you on your way.

— In-game description





  • The entrance to the Qitana Ravel lies open, and Almet would see you on your way.
  • The Eulmorans have been routed, and while they scramble to regroup, Almet urges you to make for the Qitana Ravel. Together with your fellow Scions, you travel east, following the trail of flowers leading to its entrance.
  • You touch the door to the Qitana Ravel and feel aether emanating from within. The way is indeed open. Beyond awaits Rak'tika Falls and, you hope, the Lightwarden. Gritting your teeth, you cross the threshold, wary of the myriad dangers now stirring to life to bar your passage.
  • After fighting your way past the sentinels of the Qitana Ravel, you arrive at Rak'Tika Falls where, as expected, you find the Lightwarden. A frantic battle ensues, but in the end you emerg victorious, and the primordial Light of the firmament at last gives way to a breathtaking night sky. Your task complete, you turn your steps back to Fanow.
  • While passing through the halls of the Qitana Ravel, a series of murals chance to catch Y'shtola's eyes eye. As she ponders their significance, her thoughts are interrupted by the fashionably late arrival of Emet-Selch. He bids you make haste in quitting the temple, but soon finds himself similarly captivated by the murals, not out of curiosity but nostalgia. Y'shtola duly invites him to explain what it is they depict, and he obliges with an utterly unforeseeable tale: that Zodiark and Hydaelyn are the eldest of primals, and that it was the Ascians who first conjured them into being. his lesson concluded, Emet-Selch then departs, leaving you and your companions to continue your journey outside in stunned silence.
  • You have been confronted with an uncomfortable truth–assuming it is the truth. Yet there is little time to give thought to Emet-Selch's claims, for you duty to save the First is not yet done.