The Convocation of Fourteen

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The leaders of the pre-sundering people of Etheirys.

The Convocation of Fourteen is a governing body that determines myriad policies. Our goal is to ensure that all is right in creation, that our star may know a brighter future. As the name suggests, the council is comprised of fourteen offices, each of which is held by an individual chosen for their surpassing abilities. Depending on the office, one is required to either be an authority in a certain field, or possess skills that would facilitate the performance of their stipulated duties. The former category includes Mitron, specialist in aquatic life; Loghrif, specialist in terrestrial life and husbandry... Halmarut, specialist in fungal and plant life; Emmerololth, specialist in medicine and healing... And Lahabrea, specialist in creation magicks, who has brought forth phantom beings of the highest complexity. As for the latter category, there is Altima, advocate of the arts; Igeyorhm, champion of enlightenment and rhetoric; Pashtarot, preserver of discipline and order... Emet-Selch, keeper of the aetherial realm─or “Underworld” in the vernacular; Fandaniel, pursuer of extant phenomena... And Azem, traveler of the world and counselor to the people.