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Caging the Messenger

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Caging the Messenger

Caging the Messenger.png
Quest giver
Elpis (X:31.6, Y:15.4)
Quest line
Endwalker Main Scenario Quests
Experience 495,000
Gil 4,000
Previous quest
Follow, Wander, Stumble, Listen
Next quest
Thou Must Live, Die, and Know

Hythlodaeus is pondering what to do next.

— In-game description




Note: There is a cutscene approximately 30 minutes long immediately after exiting the dungeon, with the first 17 minutes being auto-advanced and cannot be paused. Plan your time accordingly.



  • Hythlodaeus is pondering what to do next.
  • Hermes has taken refuge within the observational facility of Ktisis Hyperboreia. Although the reasons to do so are as diverse as the company you keep, it is decided that you will chase down and confront the chief overseer and his creation.
  • You arrive at the front door to find the facility in a state of alert. The scholars milling outside seem oblivious as to who sounded the alarum or why, but for you and your companions, the circumstances of this emergency are crystal clear. Wary of what other obstacles Hermes may have placed in your path, you assign roles, square your shoulders, and prepare to march into the magically expanded environs of Ktisis Hyperboreia.
    • ※Speak with your companion NPCs outside the instance entrance if you wish to enlist them for this duty.
    • ※Use the Duty Finder if you wish to complete the instance alongside fellow players.
  • You fight your way through the many fields and floors of the facility until at last you reach the highest platform in Ktisis Hyperboreia. There awaits an unrepentant and transformed Hermes, who refuses to surrender Meteion into the Convocation's custody. A tempestuous battle ensues, but in the end, your efforts to subdue the chief overseer prove successful...
  • Silent until now, Hermes's question about happiness amongst the stars prompts Meteion to step forward and describe the anguished desperation of the races she encountered. She declares her intention to relieve all life of the burden of existence, and Hermes, after binding your companny in chains of aether, accepts this ultimatum as a challenge to the worthiness of mankind. In order to ensure the "fairness" of the determination, the chief summons Kairos to alter the memories of everyone present, such that all that occurred since your arrival in Elpis would be wiped clean. Before the process begins, however, he bids Meteion escape to the edge of the universe, knowing that he will soon believe her and her sisters to have perished in an accident. It is then that Venat breaks her shackles and chases the entelechy into the sky. Likewise freed of your bonds, you and Hythlodaeus distract Hermes, while Emet-Selch tears a hole in the spatial confluence to afford you and escape route. Venat returns from her failed pursuit just in time to have Argos bear you both through the portal and evade the Kairos-induced amnesia. Hythlodaeus and Emet-Selch are not so fortunate, and now it falls to you and Venat to remember - and safeguard - your respective realities.
  • Rested somewhat from the encounter, you listen in sadness as Venat explains what will likely become of Hermes now that Meteion is gone. In an instant, it seems that so much was lost, but there is much that remains for you to do...