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Chief Overseer of Elpis
Winged Defiance
Male ♂
Aggression level 6
Elpis (28.8,24.6)
Ktisis Hyperboreia
The Convocation of Fourteen
Voiced by (JP)
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Voiced by (EN)
Jeremy Ang Jones
Voiced by (FR)
Bastien Bourlé
Voiced by (DE)
Peter Pecker

Hermes is a boss found in Elpis.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Ponder, Warrant, Cherish, Welcome Main Scenario quest 86 Hermes
Lives Apart Main Scenario quest 86 Hermes
Aether to Aether Main Scenario quest 86 Hermes
A Sentimental Gift Main Scenario quest 86 Hermes
Verdict and Execution Main Scenario quest 86 Hermes

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Caging the Messenger Main Scenario quest 87 Hythlodaeus


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Paladins ktiseos arms (il 542) icon1.png  Paladin's Ktiseos Arms (IL 542) Other BDungeon 1
Ktiseos war axe icon1.png  Ktiseos War Axe Greataxe BDungeon 1
Ktiseos greatsword icon1.png  Ktiseos Greatsword Greatsword BDungeon 1
Ktiseos gunblade icon1.png  Ktiseos Gunblade Gunblade BDungeon 1
Ktiseos spear icon1.png  Ktiseos Spear Polearm BDungeon 1
Ktiseos zaghnal icon1.png  Ktiseos Zaghnal Scythe BDungeon 1
Ktiseos knuckles icon1.png  Ktiseos Knuckles Fist Weapon BDungeon 1
Ktiseos blade icon1.png  Ktiseos Blade Katana BDungeon 1
Ktiseos main gauches icon1.png  Ktiseos Main Gauches Daggers BDungeon 1
Ktiseos compound bow icon1.png  Ktiseos Compound Bow Bow BDungeon 1
Ktiseos revolver icon1.png  Ktiseos Revolver Firearms BDungeon 1
Ktiseos chakrams icon1.png  Ktiseos Chakrams Throwing Weapons BDungeon 1
Ktiseos rod icon1.png  Ktiseos Rod Staff BDungeon 1
Ktiseos index icon1.png  Ktiseos Index Book BDungeon 1
Ktiseos smallsword icon1.png  Ktiseos Smallsword Rapier BDungeon 1
Ktiseos cane icon1.png  Ktiseos Cane Cane BDungeon 1
Ktiseos codex icon1.png  Ktiseos Codex Book BDungeon 1
Ktiseos planisphere icon1.png  Ktiseos Planisphere Star Globe BDungeon 1
Ktiseos wings icon1.png  Ktiseos Wings Noulith BDungeon 1
Ktiseos coat of fending icon1.png  Ktiseos Coat of Fending Body BDungeon 1
Ktiseos coat of maiming icon1.png  Ktiseos Coat of Maiming Body BDungeon 1
Ktiseos coat of striking icon1.png  Ktiseos Coat of Striking Body BDungeon 1
Ktiseos coat of scouting icon1.png  Ktiseos Coat of Scouting Body BDungeon 1
Ktiseos coat of aiming icon1.png  Ktiseos Coat of Aiming Body BDungeon 1
Ktiseos robe of casting icon1.png  Ktiseos Robe of Casting Body BDungeon 1
Ktiseos robe of healing icon1.png  Ktiseos Robe of Healing Body BDungeon 1
Caduceus icon2.png  Caduceus Minion ABasic 1
Miracle works orchestrion roll icon1.png  Miracle Works Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll ABasic 1

Additional Information

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