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The lands of Meracydia are currently uninhabitable due to the destruction wrought by the invasion of the Allagan Empire several millennia ago. Before that however, the lands were inhabited by the Dragons, as well as small groups of other species, and were where Midgardsormr brought his First Brood. Meracydia is to the south of the Three Great Continents.

During the Second Astral Era, several groups of Hyur and Miqo'te migrated to the land. Initially, the Dragons were hostile, and there were wars over land for a time. Eventually the Dragons turned to the Elder Wyrm Bahamut. He settled the differences between the races and all species were able to coexist in peace.

There were several other races in the land as well, such as the tree-like beings that worshiped Sephirot, the race that worshiped Zurvan, and several other races that unified under Sophia. For centuries, these groups lived together and flourished.

Near the end of the Third Astral Era, in an attempt to wake the Allagan people from their self-imposed stupor, the resurrected Emperor Xande sent his armies to Meracydia to invade with the goal of conquering it. Initially the armies were rebuffed, not being able to make it past the shores. However, as the battle raged, the Allagan employed various other methods to attack, such as their Chimeras. In a decisive battle, Bahamut fell against the Allagans.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the Meracydians called upon the power of their gods, bringing forth the Warring Triad. Though they initially drove the Allagans back, they further developed their technology and imprisoned the Primals, using them to further power their warmachina. The sudden appearance of these gods was the first recorded summoning in history, and it is heavily believed the Ascians were the ones to show the Meracydians the way.

With the power of summoning at their disposal, Tiamat sought to revive her broodmate, and summoned Bahamut back to the living. However, the being that appeared was but an enraged shade of the Elder Wyrm, and it acted as a being of destruction incarnate. Once again the Allagan Empire was pushed back, but by this time Xande had entered into a pact with a Voidsent named The Cloud of Darkness after the Empire had learned to open tears into the Void called Voidgates. The Voidsent slayed any who stood before them, and used the corpses as vessels for more Voidsent. The overwhelming army could not be stopped, and eventually the Allagan Empire had taken Meracydia, slaying most of the residents and capturing Bahamut, later imprisoning the wyrm in the satelite Dalamud. Over the centuries that followed, the few remaining tribes either died out or migrated, like the Miqo'te, who headed to Southern Ilsabard.