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See also: Collectables , Crystarium Deliveries and Studium Deliveries

Custom Delivery (map icon).png Custom Deliveries are NPCs that accept turn-ins of specific, dedicated collectables Collectable icon.png, and award players with Gil gil, Experience EXP and Scrips.

Clients will come to trust you more and more as you complete deliveries and increase their satisfaction level. Upon reaching a new satisfaction level, you will have the opportunity to learn more about them and earn greater rewards from deliveries.


Players can unlock Collectables as a system by completing the level 50 quest Feature QuestInscrutable Tastes. Players start the quest by talking to Morgayne in Foundation (X:10.1 Y:10.4). It requires the prior completion of the Heavensward MSQ Main Scenario QuestThe Better Half.

Additionally, further levels of the Scrip Exchange are unlocked in each expansion, along with that expansion's Custom Deliveries clients thereafter. Once an expansion's inventory is unlocked, it becomes available at all Scrip Exchange NPCs:

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Inscrutable Tastes Feature quest 50 Morgayne Collectables
Scrip Exchange
Collect fisher icon1.png  Collect
Go West, Craftsman Feature quest 60 Lydirlona Collectable Appraiser (Idyllshire)
Scrip Exchange (Idyllshire)
Splendors Vendor (Idyllshire)
Arms Wide Open Feature quest 60 Geimlona Custom Deliveries (Zhloe Aliapoh)
Reach Long and Prosper Feature quest 60 Galiena Collectable Appraiser (Rhalgr's Reach)
Scrip Exchange (Rhalgr's Reach)
Splendors Vendor (Rhalgr's Reach)
None Forgotten, None Forsaken Feature quest 60 Galiena Custom Deliveries (M'naago)
The Seaweed Is Always Greener Feature quest 62 Kojin Hireling Custom Deliveries (Kurenai)
Between a Rock and the Hard Place Feature quest 66 Geimlona Custom Deliveries (Adkiragh)
The Boutique Always Wins Feature quest 70 Mowen Collectable Appraiser (Eulmore)
Scrip Exchange (Eulmore)
Splendors Vendor (Eulmore)
Oh, Beehive Yourself Feature quest 70 Kai-Shirr Custom Deliveries (Kai-Shirr)
O Crafter, My Crafter Feature quest 70 Ehll Tou Custom Deliveries (Ehll Tou)
You Can Count on It Feature quest 70 Francel Custom Deliveries (Count Charlemend de Durendaire)
Expanding House of Splendors Feature quest 80 Ofpilona Collectable Appraiser (Radz-at-Han)
Scrip Exchange (Radz-at-Han)
Splendors Vendor (Radz-at-Han)
Of Mothers and Merchants Feature quest 80 Meryld Custom Deliveries (Ameliance Leveilleur)

Undertaking Custom Deliveries

A detailed explanation of how collectables work in general (with images), can be found at Collectables.

Confirming items sought for delivery

Custom deliveries1.png

Speak with clients seeking custom deliveries to confirm which items they require that week.

  • Each player is limited to a total of twelve deliveries per week, and no more than six deliveries per NPC per week. Eligibility for deliveries will be reset every Tuesday at 12:00 a.m. (PST).

The location of NPCs accepting custom deliveries can also be confirmed on the map and mini-map.

Custom deliveries2.png

Preparing items for delivery

Custom deliveries3.png

The items sought by clients fall into three categories: crafted items, gathered items, and fish.

Crafted Items

The Custom Deliveries category has been added to the Crafting Log. Five of these items are subject to requests for delivery. The components required to create the items for Zhloe can be purchased from the Scrap Salvager NPC in Idyllshire (X:5.9 Y:7.3).

  • Recipes can be confirmed while viewing the Custom Deliveries list by selecting the requested item and accessing the subcommand menu.

Gathered Items

Five items have been added to the Gathering Log, which may be requested for delivery by Zhloe.

  • The location of these items can be confirmed while viewing the Custom Deliveries list by selecting the requested item and accessing the subcommand menu.


Five new fish have been added to the fishing log, which may be requested for delivery by Zhloe.

  • The locations of these fish can be confirmed while viewing the Custom Deliveries list by selecting the requested item and viewing its item description.

Completing deliveries

Upon delivering the items requested, you will receive a reward of gil, as well as white (and purple when level 90) crafters' or gatherers' scrips. To deliver items you need Disciple of the Hand or Land level 56+. The client's satisfaction level will also increase. Items with a higher collectability will earn greater rewards gil and scrip rewards (the satisfaction gain is fixed, as long as the item meets the minimum collectability requirement).

Custom deliveries4.png

Raising satisfaction levels

With each successful delivery, clients will come to trust you more, leading to assignments of greater importance. Satisfaction levels are displayed as a gauge atop the Custom Deliveries list. When the gauge is filled to the maximum, the client's satisfaction level will increase. Players will receive rewards upon increasing in satisfaction level, and have the opportunity to learn more about their clients. Upon reaching the next rank, the "story" for that Custom Delivery NPC is advanced, with a cutscene and potentially a quest serving to further that story before the next rank's deliveries are unlocked.

All Custom Delivery NPCs use the same satisfaction scaling, with it taking 3 deliveries to reach rank 2, and 6 deliveries each to reach ranks 3 through 5. As such, each Custom Delivery NPC requires a minimum of 4 weeks to reach Level 5 satisfaction, due to the limit of 6 deliveries per NPC per week. Note that the shared 12 deliveries per week cap amongst all Custom Deliveries means one cannot simultaneously rank up with all of the available NPCs. At most, one can rank up with two NPCs simultaneously without increasing the time to reach rank 5 with each.

Custom deliveries5.png

Zhloe Aliapoh (Heavensward)

Zhloe Aliapoh2.png



Remember Khloe? Well, get ready to meet Zhloe—your new best friend (if you want to get your hands on some juicy rewards). Disciples of the Hand/Land will be able to experience new content, accessed by raising the satisfaction of certain NPCs.


Rank Crafted Gathered Fished
Level 1 Near eastern antique icon1.png  Near Eastern AntiqueCollectable icon.png Dated radz-at-han coin icon1.png  Dated Radz-at-Han CoinCollectable icon.png Thavnairian leaf icon1.png  Thavnairian LeafCollectable icon.png
Level 2 Coerthan souvenir icon1.png  Coerthan SouvenirCollectable icon.png Ice stalagmite icon1.png  Ice StalagmiteCollectable icon.png Ghost faerie icon1.png  Ghost FaerieCollectable icon.png
Level 3 Maelstrom materiel icon1.png  Maelstrom MaterielCollectable icon.png Duskfall moss icon1.png  Duskfall MossCollectable icon.png Red sky coral icon1.png  Red Sky CoralCollectable icon.png
Level 4 Heartfelt gift icon1.png  Heartfelt GiftCollectable icon.png Glass eye icon1.png  Glass EyeCollectable icon.png Lovers clam icon1.png  Lovers' ClamCollectable icon.png
Level 5 Orphanage donation icon1.png  Orphanage DonationCollectable icon.png Rainbow pigment icon1.png  Rainbow PigmentCollectable icon.png River shrimp icon1.png  River ShrimpCollectable icon.png

Upon reaching maximum satisfaction level, the player is able to glamour Zhloe's outfit.

M'naago (Stormblood)

Custom deliveries stormblood1.jpg
Custom deliveries stormblood2.jpg


NOTE: The quest icon will not appear over Galiena's head unless you are actively playing a Hand/Land class.


Everyone's favorite officer is looking for a few good adventurers to help her raise money for a good cause. Through regular contributions, Disciples of the Hand and Land will be able to strengthen their ties with M'naago and experience the story of the Resistance Widows and Orphans Fund.


Rank Crafted Gathered Fished
Level 1 Gyr abanian souvenir icon1.png  Gyr Abanian SouvenirCollectable icon.png Starcrack sand icon1.png  Starcrack SandCollectable icon.png Gyr abanian chub icon1.png  Gyr Abanian ChubCollectable icon.png
Level 2 Far eastern antique icon1.png  Far Eastern AntiqueCollectable icon.png Shishu koban icon1.png  Shishu KobanCollectable icon.png Coral horse icon1.png  Coral HorseCollectable icon.png
Level 3 Gold saucer consolation prize icon1.png  Gold Saucer Consolation PrizeCollectable icon.png Cotter dynasty relic icon1.png  Cotter Dynasty RelicCollectable icon.png Maidens heart icon1.png  Maiden's HeartCollectable icon.png
Level 4 M tribe sundries icon1.png  M Tribe SundriesCollectable icon.png Peaks pigment icon1.png  Peaks PigmentCollectable icon.png Velodyna salmon icon1.png  Velodyna SalmonCollectable icon.png
Level 5 Resistance materiel icon1.png  Resistance MaterielCollectable icon.png Yellow kudzu root icon1.png  Yellow Kudzu RootCollectable icon.png Purple buckler icon1.png  Purple BucklerCollectable icon.png

Unlike most other Custom Delivery clients, you will not be able to glamour M'naago's outfit upon reaching maximum satisfaction level.

Kurenai (Stormblood)



Complete Kurenai's quest line, consisting of:


Kurenai has a dream. And to realize that dream, she needs custom deliveries. As a Disciple of the Hand or Land, you may contribute to her ambition to bring change to Sui-no-Sato. And who knows? If you do enough for her cause, she might even let you dress her up...


Rank Crafted Gathered Fished
Level 1 Gyr abanian remedies icon1.png  Gyr Abanian RemediesCollectable icon.png Pinch of active ingredients icon1.png  Pinch of Active IngredientsCollectable icon.png Curefish icon1.png  CurefishCollectable icon.png
Level 2 Anti-shark harpoon icon1.png  Anti-shark HarpoonCollectable icon.png Harpoon head icon1.png  Harpoon HeadCollectable icon.png Lake sphairai icon1.png  Lake SphairaiCollectable icon.png
Level 3 Coerthan cold-weather gear icon1.png  Coerthan Cold-weather GearCollectable icon.png Phial of thermal fluid icon1.png  Phial of Thermal FluidCollectable icon.png Warmscale pleco icon1.png  Warmscale PlecoCollectable icon.png
Level 4 Sui-no-sato special icon1.png  Sui-no-Sato SpecialCollectable icon.png Shisui jewel icon1.png  Shisui JewelCollectable icon.png Shirogane clam icon1.png  Shirogane ClamCollectable icon.png
Level 5 Cloud pearl icon1.png  Cloud PearlCollectable icon.png Cloudkin feather icon1.png  Cloudkin FeatherCollectable icon.png Illuminati mask icon1.png  Illuminati MaskCollectable icon.png

Upon reaching maximum satisfaction level, the player is able to glamour Kurenai's outfit.

Adkiragh (Stormblood)




The mysterious Adkiragh, illustrious proprietor of the Hard Place, has found himself on a proverbial precipice, and only by your custom deliveries can he make his way back from the brink. Those who contribute to his cause will not only earn special rewards, but permission to coordinate his attire besides. Will the visage behind the mask finally be revealed? There is only one way to find out!


Rank Crafted Gathered Fished
Level 1 Ishgardian culinary essentials icon1.png  Ishgardian Culinary EssentialsCollectable icon.png Sparkstone icon1.png  SparkstoneCollectable icon.png Northern oyster icon1.png  Northern OysterCollectable icon.png
Level 2 Fermented juice icon1.png  Fermented JuiceCollectable icon.png Malleable still material icon1.png  Malleable Still MaterialCollectable icon.png Ruby laver icon1.png  Ruby LaverCollectable icon.png
Level 3 Signature buuz cookware icon1.png  Signature Buuz CookwareCollectable icon.png Strong steppe spice icon1.png  Strong Steppe SpiceCollectable icon.png Chakrafish icon1.png  ChakrafishCollectable icon.png
Level 4 Hard place decorative furnishings icon1.png  Hard Place Decorative FurnishingsCollectable icon.png Hard place furnishing materials icon1.png  Hard Place Furnishing MaterialsCollectable icon.png Wicked wartfish icon1.png  Wicked WartfishCollectable icon.png
Level 5 Arkhi brewing set icon1.png  Arkhi Brewing SetCollectable icon.png Sturdy vat material icon1.png  Sturdy Vat MaterialCollectable icon.png Othardian salmon icon1.png  Othardian SalmonCollectable icon.png

Upon reaching maximum satisfaction level, the player is able to glamour Adkiragh's outfit.

Kai-Shirr (Shadowbringers)




Kai-Shirr has at long last been reunited with his childhood friends in Eulmore, though he finds the city itself undergoing sweeping changes following the fall of Vauthry. In the hope of helping to forge a brighter future for his new home, Kai-Shirr devises a plan to attract visitors to Eulmore, with the Beehive playing a central role. However, in order to cater to the needs of customers from every walk of life, he must seek the aid of none other than the Warrior of Darkness.


Rank Crafted Gathered Fished
Level 1 Flyer printing set icon1.png  Flyer Printing SetCollectable icon.png Raven coal icon1.png  Raven CoalCollectable icon.png Laxan inkhorn icon1.png  Laxan InkhornCollectable icon.png
Level 2 Kholusian cuisine set icon1.png  Kholusian Cuisine SetCollectable icon.png Amh araeng seasonings icon1.png  Amh Araeng SeasoningsCollectable icon.png White oil perch icon1.png  White Oil PerchCollectable icon.png
Level 3 Honeybee trappings icon1.png  Honeybee TrappingsCollectable icon.png Clinquant stones icon1.png  Clinquant StonesCollectable icon.png Faeshine clam icon1.png  Faeshine ClamCollectable icon.png
Level 4 Airship fittings icon1.png  Airship FittingsCollectable icon.png Airship fitting components icon1.png  Airship Fitting ComponentsCollectable icon.png Areng dire icon1.png  Areng DireCollectable icon.png
Level 5 Beehive souvenir icon1.png  Beehive SouvenirCollectable icon.png Kholusian miscellany icon1.png  Kholusian MiscellanyCollectable icon.png Kholusian king crab icon1.png  Kholusian King CrabCollectable icon.png

Players can gain the ability to cast glamours on Kai-Shirr by raising his satisfaction level to the maximum.

  • The player must have glamours unlocked to acquire this ability.
  • Glamour prisms are required as catalysts for the glamouring process.
  • Items used to cast glamours will be bound to you, and can no longer be traded or sold on the market.

Ehll Tou (Shadowbringers)

Ehll Tou2.png



Though the people of Ishgard and dragonkind have agreed to a truce, they have yet to fully realize the potential of such an alliance. The dragonling Ehll Tou hopes that by learning the ways of artisans, she and her brethren may contribute to the Ishgardian restoration and strengthen the bonds of trust with their newfound friends.


Rank Crafted Gathered Fished
Level 1 Custom gathering tool components icon1.png  Custom Gathering Tool ComponentsCollectable icon.png Gathering tool paraphernalia icon1.png  Gathering Tool ParaphernaliaCollectable icon.png Hoplite icon1.png  HopliteCollectable icon.png
Level 2 Custom weaving components icon1.png  Custom Weaving ComponentsCollectable icon.png Weaving paraphernalia icon1.png  Weaving ParaphernaliaCollectable icon.png Hook fish icon1.png  Hook FishCollectable icon.png
Level 3 Custom crafting tool components icon1.png  Custom Crafting Tool ComponentsCollectable icon.png Crafting tool paraphernalia icon1.png  Crafting Tool ParaphernaliaCollectable icon.png Cloudweed icon1.png  CloudweedCollectable icon.png
Level 4 Handpicked culinary essentials icon1.png  Handpicked Culinary EssentialsCollectable icon.png Handpicked ingredients icon1.png  Handpicked IngredientsCollectable icon.png Fatty herring icon1.png  Fatty HerringCollectable icon.png
Level 5 Printing essentials icon1.png  Printing EssentialsCollectable icon.png Printing paraphernalia icon1.png  Printing ParaphernaliaCollectable icon.png Inkshell icon1.png  InkshellCollectable icon.png

Unlike most other Custom Delivery clients, you will not be able to glamour Ehll Tou. However, there is a different reward upon reaching maximum satisfaction level.

Count Charlemend de Durendaire (Shadowbringers)

Charlemend de Durendaire2.png



House Durendaire is considered the foremost of the noble houses of Ishgard, and Count Charlemend stands at its head. Thus, when such a dignitary is seen skulking about the Firmament, it could scarcely go unnoticed. What manner of surreptitious business could have brought the man to the newly rebuilt district? All will be revealed in a tale of unlikely friendship set amidst an era of change.


Rank Crafted Gathered Fished
Level 1 Patient necessities icon1.png  Patient NecessitiesCollectable icon.png Patient necessity materials icon1.png  Patient Necessity MaterialsCollectable icon.png Dravanian scallop icon1.png  Dravanian ScallopCollectable icon.png
Level 2 Medical supplies icon1.png  Medical SuppliesCollectable icon.png Medical supply materials icon1.png  Medical Supply MaterialsCollectable icon.png Cloud kelp icon1.png  Cloud KelpCollectable icon.png
Level 3 Rehabilitation aids icon1.png  Rehabilitation AidsCollectable icon.png Rehabilitation aid materials icon1.png  Rehabilitation Aid MaterialsCollectable icon.png Scarlet frog icon1.png  Scarlet FrogCollectable icon.png
Level 4 High tea essentials icon1.png  High Tea EssentialsCollectable icon.png High tea ingredients icon1.png  High Tea IngredientsCollectable icon.png White clam icon1.png  White ClamCollectable icon.png
Level 5 Art supplies icon1.png  Art SuppliesCollectable icon.png Art supply materials icon1.png  Art Supply MaterialsCollectable icon.png Fragrant sweetfish icon1.png  Fragrant SweetfishCollectable icon.png

Upon reaching maximum satisfaction level, the player is able to glamour Charlemend's outfit.

Ameliance Leveilleur (Endwalker)

Ameliance Leveilleur2.jpg
Ameliance Leveilleur3.jpg



With the Final Days averted, great waves of change have reached the shores of Sharlayan. The burden of its duty lifted, the long-reticent seat of knowledge has begun to open its borders at last, and in the midst of such upheaval, Ameliance Leveilleur has a new venture in mind...


Rank Crafted Gathered Fished
Level 1 Aetheroconductive quill icon1.png  Aetheroconductive QuillCollectable icon.png Aetheroconductive feather icon1.png  Aetheroconductive FeatherCollectable icon.png Inksquid icon1.png  InksquidCollectable icon.png
Level 2 Aetheroconductive focus icon1.png  Aetheroconductive FocusCollectable icon.png Aetheroconductive focus materials icon1.png  Aetheroconductive Focus MaterialsCollectable icon.png Seedtoad icon1.png  SeedtoadCollectable icon.png
Level 3 Luncheon coffer icon1.png  Luncheon CofferCollectable icon.png Luncheon coffer materials icon1.png  Luncheon Coffer MaterialsCollectable icon.png Auroral clam icon1.png  Auroral ClamCollectable icon.png
Level 4 Aetheroconductive mammet icon1.png  Aetheroconductive MammetCollectable icon.png Aetheroconductive mammet materials icon1.png  Aetheroconductive Mammet MaterialsCollectable icon.png Holier-than mogpom icon1.png  Holier-than MogpomCollectable icon.png
Level 5 School supplies icon1.png  School SuppliesCollectable icon.png School supply materials icon1.png  School Supply MaterialsCollectable icon.png Chalky coral icon1.png  Chalky CoralCollectable icon.png

Upon reaching maximum satisfaction level, the player is able to glamour Ameliance's outfit.