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Honorable Heroes

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Honorable Heroes

Quest giver
Southern Thanalan (X:25, Y:12)
Quest line
Required items
1 Weathered shepherds tunic icon1.png  Weathered Shepherd's Tunic
1 Weathered shepherds slops icon1.png  Weathered Shepherd's Slops
1 Sack of Gil (Honorable Heroes) Icon.png  Sack of Gil
Experience 5,000
Gil 813
Previous quest
When We Were Free
Next quest
One Life for One World

Papalymo has a mind to learn the Griffin's true intentions.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Papalymo surmises that the Ala Mhigan posing as the Griffin may well be one of Resistance leader's closest associates, and party to his master's overarching plan. Like the Griffin himself, however, the man is wary of strangers, and will need to be lured out if you are to question him. That being the case, Papalymo would have you and Alphinaud pose as adventurers fallen on hard times who have been inspired by his words to take up arms for the Resistance. While he and Yda convince the masked impostor of your worthiness, you and Alphinaud are to purchase suitably filthy garments from a refugee named Talebot using the funds Papalymo has provided.
  • Talebot is more than happy to supply you with worn-out, dirt-stained garments in exchange for nothing more than a sack of gil and a promise to tell him nothing of your intentions. Having agreed to the man's terms, Alphinaud regards his new used tunic and slops with a mixture of excitement and horror.
  • Having obtained your disguises, you need only change and wait with Alphinaud outside Little Ala Mhigo until the false Griffin arrives. Of course, this may prove difficult should you somehow misplace the weathered tunic and slops... but considering the rather large sum you paid Talebot, he should have little reason to deny you another set.
  • Yda and Papalymo arrive at the appointed hour, along with the masked impostor and a single bodyguard. Swiftly dispensing with any attempt at subterfuge, Alphinaud accuses the Griffin and his Masks of conspiring to summon a primal. At once, the man identifies you all as members of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and rather admirably proceeds to refute your accusations, calmly explaining that the crystals were traded with the Amalj'aa in exchange for their aid in battle against the Garleans. When Yda scolds him for striking such a shortsighted bargain, however, he explodes in anger, declaring that the Griffin and his loyal Masks will do whatever it takes to win Ala Mhigo's freedom. Regaining his composure, he invites you to search his camp for the crystals if you doubt his word, and Papalymo accepts. But before the revolutionary takes his leave, he spares a moment to thank you for a kindness performed long ago by which he was saved, and for being a symbol of hope to the hopeless far and wide. “We shall not squander your gift,” he says, leaving you to wonder what responsibility you bear for the actions of those whose lives you have touched.
  • The repercussions of our actions can never be predicted in their entirety. In saving a life, do we doom a hundred more? And, if so, would the correct choice be not to intervene? Alphinaud has no patience for such questions of cosmic justice or morality this day, and would rather concentrate on the problems at hand -- as you so often do. “This is no time for looking back,” he says, and a part of you agrees -- and yet...