North Silvertear

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North Silvertear

Mor Dhona
(Mor Dhona)

An area bordering the lake, North Silvertear is known for the sights it offers: the Keeper of the Lake that rises above the water, and the Crystal Tower that glimmers silently to the east.

— In-game description

North Silvertear is a area in Mor Dhona.


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Saint Coinach's Find

The learned group of scholars known as the Sons of Saint Coinach set up this camp with the intent to explore the mysteries of the ancient Allagan Empire. In addition to the unearthing of relics and ruins, they also conduct research on the newly risen Syrcus Tower.

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Singing Shards

Aspected most heavily to lightning, the Singing Shards resonate with one another and ring in a sweet and unique way that is oft mistaken for a maiden in song.

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The Keeper of the Lake

Maintaining a silent vigil over Silvertear Lake, the Keeper is wrought from the wreckage of the imperial flagship, the Agrius. It rises above the lake, wrapped in the death coils of Midgardsormr, the great wyrm long believed to be the protector of the area.