All's Well that Ends in the Well

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All's Well that Ends in the Well is a level 25 guildhest. It requires a light party of 4 players to initiate. Reward: 2140 experience, 170 gil


After defeating 3 groups of mobs, you will encounter Briaxio of the Well, the mini-boss of this guildhest. Through the fight, this sylph boss will spawn 5 groups of adds. Crowd control and kill the adds as soon as possible. Briaxio will also cast debuff abilities. Be sure to have your conjurer remove these debuffs from your party members with the spell esuna.

  • Use conjurer's esuna to remove any debuffs on your party members.


Hostile sylphs who would rather see the Twelveswood burn before making peace with the people of Gridania have begun using their forbidden magicks to charm the forest's creatures into doing their bidding. Temporarily enhanced by the spells, these turned creatures now possess the ability to enfeeble their victims with terrible poisons and wide-reaching attacks.

Only by slaying with renegade sylph leader Briaxio of the Well will the creatures' minds be freed.

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