Pulling Poison Posies

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Pulling Poison Posies is a level 20 guildhest. It requires a light party of 4 players to initiate and intends to teach basic dungeon mechanics.

Reward: 1830 experience, 130 gil


The end boss of this Guildhest is a poison-spewing plant called Toxic Battrap. Every few seconds, Toxic Battrap spawns a purple puddle on the ground. The puddles poison all the players standing in it. Be sure to avoid standing in the puddles. Periodically, adds will spawn. Damage dealers should quickly kill the adds before returning to the boss.

  • Avoid standing in the purple puddles of poison.


The forest's landtraps have reached maturity and begun releasing noisome pollen clusters in their efforts to reproduce. When taken into the lungs, the pollen can cause severe irritation, nausea and in the case of extended exposure, when death. These vile seedkin must be dealt with before the entire Twelveswood is engulfed in a cloud of despair!

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