Annoy the Void

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Annoy the Void is a level 30 guildhest. It requires a light party of 4 to initiate.

Reward: 3750 experience, 200 gil


In Annoy the Void, you are required to kill a demon boss named Buso. In the beginning of the fight, there are 3 blue flames in the boss room. The blue flames render Buso invulnerable. Players can interact with the flames to extinguish them and make Buso vulnerable. Throughout the fight, Buso summons Void Hounds that will attack the party. When the hounds die, they leave behind blue flames. Players should quickly extinguish the flames as the hounds die.

  • Kill Void Hounds, interact with blue flames then focus boss and repeat the entire process as Buso spawns more hounds.


A terrible creature calling itself Buso has made a nearby mineshaft his new home away from the void. Slay the fiend before he can do whatever is it he came from the dark reaches of outerworld to do so.

Buso draws his power from eerie blue flames which erupt from the carcasses of minions summoned from the void and then sacrificed here in this realm. While these flames burn, Buso will be nigh indestructible. Extinguish the fires before attempting to engage him.

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