More than a Feeler

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More than a Feeler is a level 30 guildhest. It requires a light party of 4 players to initiate.

Reward: 3070 experience, 200 gil


More than a Feeler is a guildhest that requires the players to kill a malboro boss named Toxic Tamlyn. In the fight, the malboro summons bubbles from the depth of the water. The bubbles are divided into 2 types, blue bubbles and purple bubbles. The bubbles will flow outward from the water. If the blue bubbles are not destroyed, they will spawn adds called Rotten Jams. The purple bubbles will explode when they collide with any rocky surfaces. When the purple bubbles explode they will damage and poison all party members nearby. Players should destroy the blue bubbles and avoid the purple bubbles. Toxic Tamlyn has a breath attack that applies status effects and debuffs to all targets in a cone in front of him. Everyone except the tank should avoid the front of the marlboro.

  • Destroy the blue bubbles and avoid the purple ones.
  • Avoid Toxic Tamlyn's frontal cone AoE breath attack.


A massive tangle of vivified briar and vines known by the locals as the Toxic Tamlyn has taken root in Fool Falls and is poisoning the water which flows into the Nym River, and eventually down to the Rhotano Sea and Limsa Lominsa. The morbol must be slain before the city-state's entire freshwater supply is contaminated, but to do so will require entering an area churning with deadly bubbles that release noisome fumes and bloodthirsty denizens of the deep

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