Thaumaturge Hunting Log

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Rank 1

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Thaumaturge 01 Little ladybug1.png Little Ladybug X 3 Western Thanalan (x28,y24) 75 EXP
Thaumaturge 02 Huge hornet1.png Huge Hornet X 3 Central Thanalan (x22,y27) 180 EXP
Thaumaturge 03 Cactuar1.png Cactuar X 3 Western Thanalan (x27,y24) 360 EXP
Thaumaturge 04 Snapping shrew1.png Snapping Shrew X 3 Central Thanalan (x24,y30) 410 EXP
Thaumaturge 05 Syrphid cloud1.png Syrphid Cloud X 3 Central Thanalan (x18,y21) 530 EXP
Thaumaturge 06 Yarzon feeder1.png Yarzon Feeder X 3 Western Thanalan (x24,y27) 980 EXP
Thaumaturge 07 Rusty coblyn1.png Rusty Coblyn X 3 Western Thanalan (x20,y28) 1,100 EXP
Thaumaturge 08 Spriggan graverobber1.png Spriggan Graverobber X 3 Central Thanalan (x18,y23) 1,300 EXP
Thaumaturge 09 Qiqirn shellsweeper1.png Qiqirn Shellsweeper X 3 Central Thanalan (x17,y19) 1,600 EXP
Thaumaturge 10 Sun bat1.png Sun Bat X 3 Central Thanalan (x26,y18) 1,700 EXP

Rank 2

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Thaumaturge 11 Copper coblyn1.png
Copper Coblyn X 2
Bomb X 3
Western Thanalan (x27,y16)
Western Thanalan (x27,y16)
2,300 EXP
Thaumaturge 12 Cochineal cactuar1.png
Quiveron attendant1.png
Cochineal Cactuar X 3
Quiveron Attendant X 2
Central Thanalan (x23,y19)
Central Thanalan (x23,y20)
3,200 EXP
Thaumaturge 13 Giant tortoise1.png
Antling sentry1.png
Giant Tortoise X 2
Antling Sentry X 3
Western Thanalan (x21,y26)
Central Thanalan (x19.1,y16.5)
Central Thanalan (x16,y14)
4,000 EXP
Thaumaturge 14 Thickshell1.png Thickshell X 3 Western Thanalan (x16,y16) 4,500 EXP
Thaumaturge 15 Toxic toad1.png Toxic Toad X 3 Central Thanalan (x27,y18) 5,000 EXP
Thaumaturge 16 Tuco-tuco1.png Tuco-tuco X 3 Eastern Thanalan (x15,y24) 5,300 EXP
Thaumaturge 17 Myotragus nanny1.png Myotragus Nanny X 3 Eastern Thanalan (x18,y22) 5,500 EXP
Thaumaturge 18 Blowfly swarm1.png Blowfly Swarm X 3 Eastern Thanalan (x12,y21) 5,700 EXP
Thaumaturge 19 Rotting corpse1.png Rotting Corpse X 3 Eastern Thanalan (x15,y16) 5,900 EXP
Thaumaturge 20 Bloated bogy1.png Bloated Bogy X 3 Western Thanalan (x13,y11) 6,100 EXP

Rank 3

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Thaumaturge 21 Kedtrap1.png
Overgrown ivy1.png
Kedtrap X 2
Overgrown Ivy X 4
South Shroud, Upper Paths (x21,y20)
East Shroud, Nine Ivies (x23,y29)
6,300 EXP
Thaumaturge 22 Yarzon scavenger1.png
Forest yarzon1.png
Yarzon Scavenger X 2
Forest Yarzon X 4
Western Thanalan, Cape Westwind (area) (x15,y8)
Upper La Noscea, Oakwood (x11,y21)
6,500 EXP
Thaumaturge 23 Laughing toad1.png
Bark eft1.png
Laughing Toad X 4
Bark Eft X 2
Western Thanalan, The Footfalls (x15,y7)
South Shroud, Upper Paths (x17,y24)
6,700 EXP
Thaumaturge 24 Jumping djigga1.png
Jumping Djigga X 4
Glowfly X 2
East Shroud, The Bramble Patch (x15,y21)
East Shroud, The Bramble Patch (x15,y21)
6,900 EXP
Thaumaturge 25 River yarzon1.png River Yarzon X 4 South Shroud, Silent Arbor (x23,y22) 7,100 EXP
Thaumaturge 26 Potter wasp swarm1.png Potter Wasp Swarm X 4 Southern Thanalan
(x20,y16), (x21,y12), (x20,y9)
7,600 EXP
Thaumaturge 27 Phurble1.png Phurble X 4 Eastern Thanalan, Wellwick Wood
8,600 EXP
Thaumaturge 28 Corpse brigade knuckledancer1.png Corpse Brigade Knuckledancer X 4 Southern Thanalan, Broken Water (x24,y9) 9,400 EXP
Thaumaturge 29 Fire sprite1.png Fire Sprite X 4 Southern Thanalan, The Red Labyrinth (x13,y20) 9,700 EXP
Thaumaturge 30 Stroper1.png Stroper X 4 Central Shroud, Sorrel Haven (x12,y21) 10,000 EXP

Rank 4

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Thaumaturge 31 Adamantoise1.png
Mamool ja executioner1.png
Adamantoise X 2
Mamool Ja Executioner
South Shroud (x16,y30)
Upper La Noscea (x27,y23), (x28, y21)
11,000 EXP
Thaumaturge 32 Revenant1.png
Russet yarzon1.png
Revenant X 2
Russet Yarzon X 5
Central Shroud (x12,y20)
Southern Thanalan (x14,y32)
12,000 EXP
Thaumaturge 33 Smoke bomb1.png
Dung midge swarm1.png
Smoke Bomb X 5
Dung Midge Swarm X 2
Southern Thanalan (x19,y35)
Eastern La Noscea (x18,y28)
12,500 EXP
Thaumaturge 34 Gigantoad1.png
Gigantoad X 5
Spriggan X 2
Eastern La Noscea (x18,y26)
Central Shroud (x11,y16)
13,000 EXP
Thaumaturge 35 Salamander1.png Salamander X 5 Upper La Noscea (x28,y24) 13,500 EXP
Thaumaturge 36 Plasmoid1.png Plasmoid X 5 Outer La Noscea (x25,y18) 14,000 EXP
Thaumaturge 37 Ice sprite1.png Ice Sprite X 5 Coerthas Central Highlands (x20,y31) 14,500 EXP
Thaumaturge 38 Feral croc1.png Feral Croc X 5 Coerthas Central Highlands (x26,y24) 15,000 EXP
Thaumaturge 39 Will-o-the-wisp1.png Will-o'-the-wisp X 5 South Shroud (x23,y24) 16,000 EXP
Thaumaturge 40 Golden fleece1.png Golden Fleece X 5 Eastern Thanalan (x27,y24) 16,500 EXP

Rank 5

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Thaumaturge 41 Oldgrowth treant1.png
Oldgrowth Treant X 2
Dragonfly X 6
East Shroud (x25,y20)
Coerthas Central Highlands (x9,y14)
17,000 EXP
Thaumaturge 42 Crater golem1.png
Dead mans moan1.png
Crater Golem X 1
Dead Man's Moan X 6
Central Shroud (x10,y18)
Western La Noscea (x15,y34)
17,500 EXP
Thaumaturge 43 3rd cohort secutor1.png
3rd Cohort Secutor X 2
Morbol X 6
East Shroud (x32,y20)
East Shroud (x23,y21)
18,000 EXP
Thaumaturge 44 Nix1.png
Lesser kalong1.png
Nix X 5
Lesser Kalong X 2
Mor Dhona (x19,y9)
South Shroud (x28,y22)
18,500 EXP
Thaumaturge 45 Gigas sozu1.png
Giant logger1.png
Gigas Sozu X 2
Giant Logger X 3
Mor Dhona (x29,y14)
Coerthas Central Highlands (x13,y26)
19,000 EXP
Thaumaturge 46 Iron tortoise1.png Iron Tortoise X 6 Southern Thanalan (x19,y23) 19,500 EXP
Thaumaturge 47 Synthetic doblyn1.png Synthetic Doblyn X 6 Outer La Noscea (x23,y8) 20,000 EXP
Thaumaturge 48 Ked1.png Ked X 6 South Shroud (x32,y24) 20,500 EXP
Thaumaturge 49 4th cohort hoplomachus1.png 4th Cohort Hoplomachus X 6 Western Thanalan (x12,y7) 21,000 EXP
Thaumaturge 50 2nd cohort laquearius1.png 2nd Cohort Signifer X 6 Eastern La Noscea (x27,y21) 21,500 EXP