Conjurer Hunting Log

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Rank 1

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Conjurer 01 Little ladybug1.png Little Ladybug X 3 Central Shroud (X:23, Y:17) Experience 75 EXP
Conjurer 02 Ground squirrel1.png Ground Squirrel X 3 Central Shroud (X:21, Y:16) Experience 180 EXP
Conjurer 03 Forest funguar1.png Forest Funguar X 3 Central Shroud (X:25, Y:18) Experience 360 EXP
Conjurer 04 Miteling1.png Miteling X 3 North Shroud (X:24, Y:27) Experience 410 EXP
Conjurer 05 chigoe1.png Chigoe X 3 Central Shroud (X:24, Y:21) Experience 530 EXP
Conjurer 06 Water sprite1.png Water Sprite X 3 Central Shroud (X:24, Y:21) Experience 980 EXP
Conjurer 07 Midge swarm1.png Midge Swarm X 3 North Shroud (X:26, Y:21) Experience 1,100 EXP
Conjurer 08 microchu1.png Microchu X 3 North Shroud (X:26, Y:22) Experience 1,300 EXP
Conjurer 09 syrphid swarm1.png Syrphid Swarm X 3 Central Shroud (X:27, Y:24) Experience 1,600 EXP
Conjurer 10 northern vulture1.png Northern Vulture X 3 East Shroud (X:14, Y:27) Experience 1,700 EXP

Rank 2

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Conjurer 11 Tree slug1.png Tree Slug X 3 Central Shroud (X:25, Y:29) Experience 2,300 EXP
Conjurer 12 Arbor buzzard1.png
Goblin hunter1.png
Arbor Buzzard X 3
Goblin Hunter X 2
Central Shroud (X:26, Y:29)
East Shroud (X:13, Y:27)
Experience 3,200 EXP
Conjurer 13 Firefly1.png Firefly X 3 Eastern Thanalan (X:24, Y:29)
Central Shroud (X:19, Y:27)
Experience 4,000 EXP
Conjurer 14 Mandragora1.png Mandragora X 3 East Shroud (X:14, Y:26) Experience 4,500 EXP
Conjurer 15 Boring weevil1.png Boring Weevil X 3 East Shroud (X:20, Y:28) Experience 5,000 EXP
Conjurer 16 Faerie funguar1.png Faerie Funguar X 3 East Shroud (X:19, Y:28) Experience 5,300 EXP
Conjurer 17 Giant gnat1.png Giant Gnat X 3 East Shroud (X:19, Y:25) Experience 5,500 EXP
Conjurer 18 Wolf poacher1.png Wolf Poacher X 3 East Shroud (X:19, Y:30) Experience 5,700 EXP
Conjurer 19 Qiqirn beater1.png Qiqirn Beater X 3 South Shroud (X:15, Y:17) Experience 5,900 EXP
Conjurer 20 Black bat1.png Black Bat X 3 East Shroud (X:16, Y:21) Experience 6,100 EXP

Rank 3

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Conjurer 21 Stoneshell1.png Stoneshell X 3 Upper La Noscea (X:13, Y:24) Experience 6,300 EXP
Conjurer 22 Laughing toad1.png
Diseased treant1.png
Lead coblyn1.png
Laughing Toad X 2
Diseased Treant X 3
Lead Coblyn X 2
Western Thanalan (X:14, Y:7)
East Shroud (X:16, Y:23)
Western Thanalan (X:13, Y:10)
Experience 6,500 EXP
Conjurer 23 Bark eft1.png Bark Eft X 3 South Shroud (X:17, Y:24) Experience 6,700 EXP
Conjurer 24 Glowfly1.png Glowfly X 3 East Shroud (X:15, Y:20) Experience 6,900 EXP
Conjurer 25 Antelope stag.png Antelope Stag X 3 South Shroud (X:22, Y:19) Experience 7,100 EXP
Conjurer 26 Sabotender1.png Sabotender X 3 Southern Thanalan (X:15, Y:14) Experience 7,600 EXP
Conjurer 27 Qiqirn roerunner1.png Qiqirn Roerunner X 3 Eastern Thanalan (X:24, Y:23) Experience 8,600 EXP
Conjurer 28 Goblin thug1.png Goblin Thug X 3 South Shroud (X:28, Y:20) Experience 9,400 EXP
Conjurer 29 Toadstool1.png Toadstool X 3 Central Shroud (X:14, Y:17) Experience 9,700 EXP
Conjurer 30 Apkallu1.png Apkallu X 3 Eastern La Noscea (X:28, Y:35) Experience 10,000 EXP

Rank 4

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Conjurer 31 Lindwurm1.png Lindwurm X 4 Central Shroud (X:12, Y:19) Experience 11,000 EXP
Conjurer 32 Gigantoad1.png
Bigmouth orobon1.png
Mamool ja infiltrator1.png
Gigantoad X 2
Bigmouth Orobon X 4
Mamool Ja Infiltrator X 2
Sandworm X 1
Eastern La Noscea (X:18, Y:26)
South Shroud (X:18, Y:30)
Upper La Noscea (X:28, Y:23)
Southern Thanalan (X:22, Y:34)
Experience 12,000 EXP
Conjurer 33 Revenant1.png Revenant X 4 Central Shroud (X:12, Y:20) Experience 12,500 EXP
Conjurer 34 Bloodshore bell1.png Bloodshore Bell X 4 Eastern La Noscea (X:31, Y:26) Experience 13,000 EXP
Conjurer 35 Ornery karakul1.png Ornery Karakul X 4 Coerthas Central Highlands (X:25, Y:19) Experience 13,500 EXP
Conjurer 36 Deepvoid deathmouse1.png Deepvoid Deathmouse X 4 South Shroud (X:25, Y:21) Experience 14,000 EXP
Conjurer 37 Dryad1.png Dryad X 4 North Shroud (X:22, Y:23) Experience 14,500 EXP
Conjurer 38 Downy aevis1.png Downy Aevis X 4 Coerthas Central Highlands (X:26, Y:10) Experience 15,000 EXP
Conjurer 39 Will-o-the-wisp1.png Will-o'-the-wisp X 4 South Shroud (X:22, Y:25) Experience 16,000 EXP
Conjurer 40 Dragonfly1.png Dragonfly X 4 Coerthas Central Highlands (X:9, Y:14) Experience 16,500 EXP

Rank 5

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Conjurer 41 Golden fleece1.png Golden Fleece X 4 Eastern Thanalan (X:26, Y:25) Experience 17,000 EXP
Conjurer 42 Grenade1.png
Dead mans moan1.png
Grenade X 4
Hippocerf X 2
Lammergeyer X 2
Dead Man's Moan X 1
Outer La Noscea (X:22, Y:13)
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:10, Y:18)
Western La Noscea (X:12, Y:36)
Western La Noscea (X:17, Y:36)
Experience 17,500 EXP
Conjurer 43 3rd cohort hoplomachus1.png 3rd Cohort Hoplomachus X 2 East Shroud (X:29, Y:20) Experience 18,000 EXP
Conjurer 44 Lesser kalong1.png Lesser Kalong X 4 South Shroud (X:28, Y:22) Experience 18,500 EXP
Conjurer 45 Snow wolf1.png Snow Wolf X 4 Coerthas Central Highlands (X:16, Y:32) Experience 19,000 EXP
Conjurer 46 5th cohort eques1.png 5th Cohort Eques X 4 Mor Dhona (X:12, Y:17) Experience 19,500 EXP
Conjurer 47 Sea wasp1.png Sea Wasp X 4 Western La Noscea (X:14, Y:17) Experience 20,000 EXP
Conjurer 48 Sylph bonnet1.png Sylph Bonnet X 4 East Shroud (X:26, Y:13) Experience 20,500 EXP
Conjurer 49 Ahriman1.png Ahriman X 4 Northern Thanalan (X:24, Y:20) Experience 21,000 EXP
Conjurer 50 2nd cohort vanguard1.png 2nd Cohort Vanguard X 4 Eastern La Noscea (X:29, Y:21) Experience 21,500 EXP


The Hunting Log is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Bump on a log conjurer icon1.png  Bump on a Log: Conjurer 20 Complete all conjurer entries in the hunting log. Master conjurers ring icon1.png  Master Conjurer's Ring 2.1