Maelstrom Hunting Log

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Rank 1

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Maelstrom 01 Amaljaa hunter1.png Amalj'aa Hunter X 3 Eastern Thanalan - Sandgate (X:19, Y:28) Storm seal 240 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 02 Heckler imp1.png Heckler Imp X 5 Dungeon Halatali Storm seal 266 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 03 Doctore1.png Doctore X 3 Dungeon Halatali Storm seal 287 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 04 Firemane1.png Firemane X 1 Dungeon Halatali Storm seal 311 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 05 Sylvan groan1.png Sylvan Groan X 3 East Shroud - The Bramble Patch (X:19, Y:21) Storm seal 345 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 06 Sylvan sough1.png Sylvan Sough X 3 East Shroud - The Bramble Patch (X:19, Y:21) Storm seal 357 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 07 Kobold pickman1.png Kobold Pickman X 3 Upper La Noscea - Oakwood (X:11.8, Y:22.5) Storm seal 388 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 08 Amaljaa bruiser1.png Amalj'aa Bruiser X 3 Southern Thanalan - Broken Water (X:20, Y:15) Storm seal 431 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 09 Ixali straightbeak1.png Ixali Straightbeak X 3 North Shroud - Alder Springs (X:23, Y:28) Storm seal 441 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 10 Ixali wildtalon1.png Ixali Wildtalon X 1 Coerthas Central Highlands (X:30, Y:27) Storm seal 478 Storm Seals

Rank 2

Requires completion of Rank 1 and achieve the rank of Storm Sergeant Third Class or higher.

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Maelstrom 11 Amaljaa divinator1.png Amalj'aa Divinator X 3 Southern Thanalan - Sagolii Desert (X:27, Y:34) Storm seal 531 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 12 Kobold pitman1.png Kobold Pitman X 3 Eastern La Noscea - Bloodshore (X:28, Y:26) Storm seal 590 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 13 Temple bat1.png Temple Bat X 5 Dungeon The Sunken Temple of Qarn Storm seal 609 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 14 The condemned1.png The Condemned X 6 Dungeon The Sunken Temple of Qarn Storm seal 629 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 15 Teratotaur1.png Teratotaur X 1 Dungeon The Sunken Temple of Qarn Storm seal 655 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 16 Kobold bedesman1.png Kobold Bedesman X 3 Outer La Noscea - Iron Lake (X:22, Y:13) Storm seal 632 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 17 Kobold priest1.png Kobold Priest X 1 Outer La Noscea - Iron Lake (X:22, Y:12) Storm seal 653 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 18 Sylvan sigh1.png Sylvan Sigh X 3 East Shroud - Larkscall (X:23, Y:21) Storm seal 674 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 19 Shelfspine sahagin1.png Shelfscale Sahagin X 3 Western La Noscea - Halfstone (X:18, Y:21) Storm seal 702 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 20 Amaljaa pugilist1.png Amalj'aa Pugilist X 3 Southern Thanalan - Zanr'ak (X:20, Y:23) Storm seal 749 Storm Seals

Rank 3

Requires completion of Rank 2 and achieve the rank of Second Storm Lieutenant or higher

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Maelstrom 21 Ixali boldwing1.png Ixali Boldwing X 3 North Shroud - Proud Creek (X:21, Y:20) Storm seal 774 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 22 Sylpheed screech1.png Sylpheed Screech X 3 East Shroud - Sylphlands (X:27, Y:19) Storm seal 799 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 23 UGhamaro bedesman1.png U'Ghamaro Bedesman X 3 Outer La Noscea - U'Ghamaro Mines (X:22, Y:6) Storm seal 832 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 24 Trenchtooth sahagin1.png Trenchtooth Sahagin X 3 Western La Noscea - Halfstone (X:20, Y:20) Storm seal 884 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 25 Sapsa shelfclaw1.png Sapsa Shelfclaw X 3 Western La Noscea - Sapsa Spawning Grounds (X:18, Y:16) Storm seal 913 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 26 Zaharak archer1.png Zahar'ak Archer X 3 Southern Thanalan - Zahar'ak (X:29, Y:20) Storm seal 943 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 27 Natalan fogcaller1.png Natalan Fogcaller X 4 Coerthas Central Highlands - Natalan (X:32, Y:18) Storm seal 982 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 28 Natalan boldwing1.png Natalan Boldwing X 5 Coerthas Central Highlands - Natalan (X:31, Y:17) Storm seal 1,506 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 29 Tonberry1.png Tonberry X 5 Dungeon The Wanderer's Palace Storm seal 1,555 Storm Seals
Maelstrom 30 Giant bavarois1.png Giant Bavarois X 1 Dungeon The Wanderer's Palace Storm seal 1,619 Storm Seals


The Hunting Log is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Bump on a log maelstrom icon1.png  Bump on a Log: Maelstrom 20 Complete all Maelstrom entries in the hunting log. Mammet 003l icon2.png  Mammet #003L 2.1