Rogue Hunting Log

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Rank 1

Rank 1 Rogue Hunting log requires the player to kill 29 monsters in La Noscea. Players are rewarded with Experience 2,500 experience points for completing all the tasks.

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Rogue 01 Arcanist 2.png Wharf Rat X 3 Middle La Noscea (X:21, Y:23) Experience 75 EXP
Rogue 02 Arcanist 3.png Lost Lamb X 3 Middle La Noscea - Zephyr Drift (X:23, Y:24) Experience 180 EXP
Rogue 03 Aurelia1.png Aurelia X 3 Lower La Noscea (X:24, Y:26) Experience 360 EXP
Rogue 04 Wild dodo1.png Wild Dodo X 3 Lower La Noscea (X:29, Y:19) Experience 410 EXP
Rogue 05 Pugil1.png
Goblin fisher1.png
Pugil X 3
Goblin Fisher X 1
Middle La Noscea - Summerford (X:20, Y:22)
Middle La Noscea - Summerford (X:23, Y:21)
Experience 530 EXP
Rogue 06 Tiny mandragora1.png Tiny Mandragora X 3 Middle La Noscea (X:22, Y:18)
Lower La Noscea - Cedarwood (X:30, Y:19)
Experience 980 EXP
Rogue 07 Arcanist 8 1.png Cave Bat X 3 Lower La Noscea - Cedarwood (X:25, Y:15) Experience 1,100 EXP
Rogue 08 Arcanist 8 2.png Galago X 3 Lower La Noscea - Cedarwood (X:29, Y:14) Experience 1,300 EXP
Rogue 09 Arcanist 9.png
Grounded raider1.png
Grounded Pirate X 1
Grounded Raider X 1
Middle La Noscea - Summerford (X:20, Y:16)
Middle La Noscea - Summerford (X:20, Y:17)
Experience 1,600 EXP
Rogue 10 Megalocrab.png Megalocrab X 3 Middle La Noscea (X:14, Y:13) Experience 1,700 EXP

Rank 2

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Rogue 11 Wild jackal1.png Wild Jackal X 3 Lower La Noscea (X:23, Y:34) Experience 2,300 EXP
Rogue 12 Roseling1.png
Arcanist 11.png
Roseling X 1
Sewer Mole X 2
Western La Noscea - Quarterstone (X:34, Y:30)
Western La Noscea - Quarterstone (X:33, Y:28)
Experience 3,200 EXP
Rogue 13 Arcanist 13.png Fat Dodo X 3 Western La Noscea (X:32, Y:27) Experience 4,000 EXP
Rogue 14 Moraby mole1.png Moraby Mole X 3 Lower La Noscea (X:21, Y:34) Experience 4,500 EXP
Rogue 15 Arcanist 15.png Qiqirn Eggdigger X 3 Lower La Noscea (X:18, Y:35) Experience 5,000 EXP
Rogue 16 Arcanist 17.png Puk Hatchling X 3 Western La Noscea - Skull Valley (X:28, Y:22) Experience 5,300 EXP
Rogue 17 Rothlyt pelican1.png Rothlyt Pelican X 3 Western La Noscea (X:24, Y:22) Experience 5,500 EXP
Rogue 18 Arcanist 19.png
Killer Mantis X 2
Hedgemole X 1
Western La Noscea (X:21, Y:22)
Western La Noscea (X:26, Y:23)
Experience 5,700 EXP
Rogue 19 Wild wolf1.png Wild Wolf X 3 Upper La Noscea (X:13, Y:26) Experience 5,900 EXP
Rogue 20 Bumble beetle1.png Bumble Beetle X 3 Upper La Noscea - Poor Maid's Mill (X:12, Y:23) Experience 6,100 EXP

Rank 3

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Rogue 21 Black bat1.png Black Bat X 3 East Shroud (X:17, Y:22) Experience 6,300 EXP
Rogue 22 Gall gnat1.png Gall Gnat X 3 East Shroud (X:22, Y:30) Experience 6,500 EXP
Rogue 23 Overgrown ivy1.png Overgrown Ivy X 3 East Shroud (X:22, Y:29) Experience 6,700 EXP
Rogue 24 Bark eft1.png Bark Eft X 3 South Shroud (X:18, Y:24) Experience 6,900 EXP
Rogue 25 Redbelly lookout1.png
Redbelly larcener1.png
Redbelly Lookout X 2
Redbelly Larcener X 2
South Shroud (X:23, Y:18) Experience 7,100 EXP
Rogue 26 Antelope stag1.png Antelope Stag X 3 South Shroud (X:26, Y:20) Experience 7,600 EXP
Rogue 27 River yarzon1.png River Yarzon X 3 South Shroud (X:23, Y:22) Experience 8,600 EXP
Rogue 28 Corpse brigade knuckledancer1.png
Corpse brigade firedancer1.png
Corpse Brigade Knuckledancer X 2
Corpse Brigade Firedancer X 2
Southern Thanalan (X:24, Y:11) Experience 9,400 EXP
Rogue 29 Coeurlclaw hunter1.png
Coeurlclaw cutter1.png
Coeurlclaw Hunter X 2
Coeurlclaw Cutter X 2
South Shroud (X:28, Y:21) Experience 9,700 EXP
Rogue 30 Sandstone golem1.png Sandstone Golem X 3 Southern Thanalan (X:22, Y:12) Experience 10,000 EXP

Rank 4

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Rogue 31 Large buffalo1.png Large Buffalo X 3 Eastern La Noscea (X:28, Y:30) Experience 11,000 EXP
Rogue 32 Grass raptor1.png Grass Raptor X 3 Eastern La Noscea (X:16, Y:25) Experience 12,000 EXP
Rogue 33 Qiqirn gullroaster1.png
Qiqirn Gullroaster X 2
Colibri X 2
Eastern La Noscea (X:27, Y:33)
Eastern La Noscea (X:31, Y:24)
Experience 12,500 EXP
Rogue 34 Coeurl2.png
Highland condor1.png
Coeurl X 1
Highland Condor X 2
Outer La Noscea (X:14, Y:14)
Outer La Noscea (X:15, Y:17)
Experience 13,000 EXP
Rogue 35 Basalt golem1.png Basalt Golem X 3 Outer La Noscea (X:13, Y:15) Experience 13,500 EXP
Rogue 36 Velociraptor1.png Velociraptor X 4 Outer La Noscea (X:19, Y:15) Experience 14,000 EXP
Rogue 37 Feral croc1.png
Highland goobbue1.png
Feral Croc X 2
Highland Goobbue X 2
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:25, Y:20) Experience 14,500 EXP
Rogue 38 Redhorn ogre1.png Redhorn Ogre X 3 Coerthas Central Highlands (X:26, Y:12) Experience 15,000 EXP
Rogue 39 taurus1.png Taurus X 3 Coerthas Central Highlands (X:32, Y:12) Experience 16,000 EXP
Rogue 40 Bateleur1.png
Bateleur X 2
Chinchilla X 2
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:16, Y:19) Experience 16,500 EXP

Rank 5

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Rogue 41 Golden fleece1.png Golden Fleece X 4 Eastern Thanalan (X:26, Y:25) Experience 17,000 EXP
Rogue 42 Quartz doblyn1.png Quartz Doblyn X 4 Eastern Thanalan (X:30, Y:25) Experience 17,500 EXP
Rogue 43 Nix1.png Nix X 4 Mor Dhona (X:19, Y:9) Experience 18,000 EXP
Rogue 44 Mudpuppy1.png Mudpuppy X 4 Mor Dhona (X:13, Y:11)
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:16, Y:30)
Experience 18,500 EXP
Rogue 45 Daring harrier1.png
Raging harrier1.png
Daring Harrier X 2
Raging Harrier X 2
Mor Dhona (X:16, Y:15) Experience 19,000 EXP
Rogue 46 Gigas shramana1.png
Gigas sozu1.png
Gigas Shramana X 2
Gigas Sozu X 2
Mor Dhona (X:27, Y:11) Experience 19,500 EXP
Rogue 47 Hippogryph1.png Hippogryph X 4 Mor Dhona (X:27, Y:8) Experience 20,000 EXP
Rogue 48 Hapalit1.png Hapalit X 4 Mor Dhona (X:31, Y:5) Experience 20,500 EXP
Rogue 49 2nd cohort eques1.png
2nd cohort signifer1.png
2nd Cohort Eques X 2
2nd Cohort Signifer X 2
Eastern La Noscea (X:29, Y:20) Experience 21,000 EXP
Rogue 50 2nd cohort secutor1.png
2nd cohort vanguard1.png
2nd Cohort Secutor X 2
2nd Cohort Vanguard X 2
Eastern La Noscea (X:30, Y:19) Experience 21,500 EXP


The Hunting Log is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Bump on a log rogue icon1.png  Bump on a Log: Rogue 20 Complete all rogue entries in the hunting log. Master rogues ring icon1.png  Master Rogue's Ring 2.4