Upper Paths

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Upper Paths

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South Shroud
(The Black Shroud)
Connects to
Eastern Thanalan (SW)
Central Shroud (NW)
Quarrymill (X:25.1, Y:20.0)
Camp Tranquil (X:16.8, Y:28.6)

An area through which the Lumberline passes, the Upper Paths lie close to Gridania in the northern tip of the South Shroud

— In-game description

Upper Paths is an area in South Shroud.


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Buscarron's Druthers

The Druthers is run by a disenfranchised ex-sentry-turned-tavernkeep and welcomes all manner of folk, from upstanding to unsavory, so long as they follow Buscarron Strongarm's simple rules of etiquette: sit down, forget your worries, and savor your ale.

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In a thicket some distance from the path, the way to Issom-Har was opened by a rock that fell from the sky during the Calamity. Within the gaping hole slumber untouched Gelmorran ruins. What they contain, however, is a matter of no small speculation, as someone has placed a powerful ward upon the entrance.

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No Man's Hovel

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Redbelly Hive

Once the village of Boughbury, the original residents fled their homes during the Calamity. A notorious band of outlaws known as the Redbelly Wasps have since taken the place as their own. Now, Redbelly Hive is the site of many a skirmish between the bandits and the Wood Wailers, who attempt to reclaim it for the rightful owners.

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Buscarron's Scar

Following the Calamity, Gridania shifted the focus of its surveillance network. Thus, though it was once manned by a sentry named Buscarron, this lookout post has long since fallen into disuse and disrepair.

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The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak

Named after a man-eating creature from Padjali folklore, the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak was built on the site of a natural cave system beneath Silent Arbor. Until recently, it held all of Gridania's foulest criminals, from arsonists to poachers, but the completion of a new gaol closer to the city heralded its abandonment.